Sunday, 14 July 2013

University Challenge Tape Plea

I received an email from Meredith Lloyd-Evans, the captain of the Churchill College Cambridge team that won University Challenge in 1970.-

"Hi Dave Londinius
I was captain of Churchill College winning team 1970.
I’m contacting you because you might know how I can find out if anyone ever video’d our matches – apparently Granada lost the tapes in a flood or wiped them…. The matches contain some gem moments that it would be great to recapture. Meredith"

I'm afraid I don't know anyone who might have a tape, and I'm afraid that Granada's wiping of the original tapes was all too typical of TV companies' penny pinching attitudes in the early /mid 70s - some great old Doctor Whos were wiped by the Beeb at around the same time. 1970 seems a little early for a home taping, but you never know. So if by any chance you either have a tape of the final, or know where we can get one, or even just have a lead or a hunch, could you either email me, or post a comment here, and I'll get in touch with Meredith to let him know.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

While we're on the subject of UC, I'm indebted as always to Weaver's Week for the welcome news that the new series starts tomorrow. Back of the net!

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