Sunday, 14 July 2013

Calling Welsh Quizzers

I had an email as well from Gareth Kingston, regarding the European Quiz Championships. This event takes place in Liverpool this year, between 1 - 3 November.From Gareth's email: -

I am looking for Welsh qualified quizzers which means:
- Born in Wales, or
- Have a parent or grandparent who was Welsh, or
- Have been resident in Wales for the past 5 years.

We have the Wales 1st team, which will take part in the main competition against other national 1st teams. And then we can enter as many subsidiary teams as we like for the parallel competition. I am hopeful of entering 3 or 4 teams in total.

Then there are the other quizzes. I suspect you would love the individual and pairs quizzes in particular.

If people want to find out more I can send them some sample questions, and even if they do not want to take the plunge this year, there are other occasions where we put representative sides together throughout the year. I would like to build up a network of interested Welsh quizzers. They can either contact me via facebook or at

I've never played in the European Championships - yet - but I'm sure that this will be a terrific event, well worth attending if you can.

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