Saturday, 13 July 2013

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Doctor Werner Lang
2. Lac Magn├ętic, Quebec
3. Ralph Tarrant
4. Asiana Airlines
5. Robbie Deans
6. The Human Voice
7. Andy Flower
8. Steve Bate
9. Rory Kinnear
10. Malcolm Hayes
11. Reece Elliot
12. Barry George
13. Danny Nightingale
14. Manuel Pellegrini
15. Ashton Agar
16. Charles Foley
17. Albert de Salvo
18. Malala Yousafzai
19. Shahid Khan
20. Andy Harris
21. Martha Renee Kolleh

In Other News

1. What was the score in the third Lions v. Wallabies test?
2. Who scored the Lions’ tries in the final test?
3. Who was finally deported to Jordan last week?
4. What was announced by Michael Parkinson last week?
5. What was the score in the Wimbledon Men’s Singles final?
6. Who won the Wimbledon Ladies Singles?
7. Who resigned from the Privy Council last week?
8. Which famous volcano began erupting last week?
9. Who won the German Grand Prix?
10. Who was criticized for saying that the Wimbledon Ladies singles was never going to be “a looker”?
11. Who issued a press release saying that he is going to be divorcing his wife last week?
12. Laura Robson achieved a career high ranking last week – what is it ?
13. Which member of the Royal family announced that she is expecting a baby last week?
14. Which opera star suffered a pulmonary embolism last week?
15. Who agreed to appear before MPs last week?
16. Who was attacked in HMP Wakefield?
17. David Haye signed to fight whom last week?
18. The Eu have called for the UK to adopt which term as the maximum sentence without automatic review?
19. Athletes from which country failed over 30 drugs tests at the Mediterranean Games?
20. Ireland qualified for which world cup last week?
21. What is the controversial pay rise recommended by IPSA for MPs?
22. What is Barak Obama’s favourite food?
23. Which former champion is out of the world athletics championships in Moscow this summer?
24. Who top scored in England’s 1st innings in the first Ashes Test?
25. Who had urine thrown over him following a controversial incident in the previous day’s stage at the Tour de France?
26. James Anderson passed Freddie Trueman’s test wicket total in the first test. How many did Trueman take?
27. Which two firms are facing a public fraud probe?
28. In a poll of books which was the book that most people gave up before finishing?
29. What did George Osborne admit that he had never visited last week?
30. Whose sentence was referred to the Court of Appeal last week?
31. Which former original Eastenders actress passed away last week?
32. Which book topped the list of most abandoned modern classics?
33. The star of a popular series of TV adverts passed away last week – who was he and what did he advertise?
34. Where did Greenpeace activists make a protest last week?
35. What happened to the care pathway for terminally ill patients last week?
36. Name the Archers spin off which can only be picked up on digital radio?
37. The immigration backlog reached which figure last week?
38. Which welsh village is voting on the spelling of its name?
39. Which TV veteran passed away aged 87?
40. Heathrow was shut down following a 787 dreamliner fire. Which airline was involved?
41. Which famous actor was allegedly hurt during a stage fight in a production of Macbeth last week?
42. What happened in Bretigny sur Orge just outside Paris?
43. Who was widely condemned for failing to walk during the first test?
44. Which rugby player was allegedly knocked out in a brawl with a team mate, before he has even played for the club?

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