Saturday, 20 July 2013

In The News

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Magna Carta . . . Holy Grail
2. Robert Galbraith
3. Stephen Hunt
4. George Zimmerman
5. Cory Monteith
6. And the Crowd ( wept)
7. James Dasaolu
8. Morgan Shepherd
9. Steph McGovern
10. Steve Sewell
11. Susie Wolff
12. Reverend Al Sharpton
13. Emma Way
14. Miguel Angel Trevino Morales
15. Jibaozhai Museum
16. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
17. Adnan Rasheed
18. Chris Reynolds
19. Carl Fearns
20. Leah Totton
21. Erwin Bach
22. Ray Butt
23. Paul Battachargee
24. Judith Callegari
25. Liza Gharboni
26. Alexei Navaliy
27. Olga Dogaru
28. Lord Selsdon

In Other News

1. What was England’s exact margin of victory in the first Ashes test?
2. Chris Froome became the first british rider to win a stage on which iconic mountain in the Tour de France?
3. Name the two leading male sprinters who it was announced had failed drugs tests?
4. Who had the highest score in the 2nd Australian innings of the first test?
5. What does DRS stand for in cricket?
6. Which England footballer signed a further two year deal with his club last week?
7. Which bill passed its final reading in the House of Lords last week?
8. Which disease is the latest to cause havoc amongst Britain’s native trees?
9. Which charity website has been suspended by the Charity Commission?
10. Where did Lance Corporal Craig Roberts pass away while on exercises ?
11. Where did Susan Taylor tragically pass away during a fundraising event?
12. Who was reported as taking all of his music off Spotify in protest against the low level of royalties?
13. The 4 copies of what are to be reunited for its 800th anniversary, it was announced?
14. Which company dropped America’s fastest ever sprinter following his failed drug test last week?
15. In Gowerton Comprehensive, near Swansea, boys have taken to which unusual measure to combat overheating?
16. Who was reported last week as joining the Radio 4 Today programme?
17. Why was Kristian Vikernes arrested in France?
18. Who was the second judge to announce that he is leaving The Voice?
19. Which memorable 5 word phrase did Mickey Arthur, the sacked coach of the Australian cricket team say that Michael Clarke had used to describe Shane Watson?
20. Which football manager lost his court appeal against his sacking by Brighton?
21. Lord Leveson was passed over for what last week?
22. Mickey Arthur claimed that he was sacked for which reason?
23. Who has been Hollywood’s top earning actor over the last 12 months?
24. Bernie Ecclestone was reported as having been indicted on bribery charges in which country?
25. 22 children died from poisoned school lunches in which area of India?
26. Which mountain was sacled twice in the same stage of the Tour de France for the first time ever, to mark the 100th running of the tour?
27. Which Olympic 4x400m silver medalist, and former holder of the world indoor record for the 400m, passed away aged 51?
28. What was the name of the NHS blood supplier sold to US Bain Capital?
29. Who visited Lords on the first day of the 2nd Ashes test?
30. What was Ian Bell’s score in the first innings of the 2nd test?
31. According to the Retailer Magazine, which is Britain’s top selling alcohol brand?
32. Which chain is being sued by Rihanna for selling T Shirts with unlicensed images of her?
33. Which famous FA Cup winner passed away aged 89?
34. Who became Europe’s fastest ever 1500m runner?


dxdtdemon said...

For question 3, how should we determine which one of Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay, and Kerron Clement is not a "leading sprinter"?

LisaH said...

Don't think there's been any announcement regarding Kerron Clement has there?!!!

Londinius said...

Hi Both

Certainly in the UK - and being as I live in the UK you will have to forgive the obvious UK bias - the focus has all been on Gay and Powell - Clement has not been mentioned in the news here really.

Unknown said...

Hi David,
Please could you send me the answers to the news questions (ideally with the questions? Really enjoying them!
My e-mail address is Many Thanks! Dean