Saturday, 6 July 2013

In The News

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Sir Ian Kennedy
2. Marcel Kittel
3. Jan Bakelants
4. Yana Belinsky – Night Witch
5. Bob Lambert
6. Michael Cope
7. Sabine Lisicki
8. Kaia Kanepi
9. Marcus Setchell
10. Jo Clarke
11. Michael Birch
12. Jim Kelly
13. George Smith
14. Fernando Verdasco
15. Nicolay Lamm
16. Sir Norman Bettinson
17. Khat
18. Alun Wyn Jones
19. Joey Chestnut
20. Adli Mansour
21. Douglas Engelbart
22. Lord Freud
23. Duwayne Brooks
24. Mark Forstater

In Other News

1. Who was criticized for singing for the President of Turkmenistan last week?
2. Which driver won the British GP?
3. How many tyre mishaps were there during the race, which led to much criticism of suppliers Pirelli?
4. Which Jamaican athlete is reportedly out of the Jamaican team for the world championships in Moscow?
5. What has been banned by the EU for containing too much sulphate?
6. Who visited Nelson Mandela’s cell on Robben Island last week?
7. At midnight on June 30th which became the 28th member of the EU?
8. What is Bula Quo?
9. Which TV channel is broadcasting a muezzin call to prayer every night of the month of Ramadan?
10. What is happening to Thomas Cook European timetables and other publications of theirs?
11. Which British rider in the Tour de France sustained a fractured pelvis during a crash on the first stage of the race?
12. Which snooker player was diagnosed with testicular cancer?
13. A BBC show accused stalls at which theme park of rigging fairground games to make them more difficult to win?
14. England warmed up for the Ashes by playing a match against which county?
15. Who contested the two ladies singles semi finals at Wimbledon?
16. Who was granted a second reprieve for an alleged stamping offence?
17. Which team did Steve McLaren join as a coach?
18. Who withdrew an application for asylum in Russia?
19. Which former Ryder Cup player and captain failed to make it through qualifying for The Open?
20. Who announced that he is retiring from cricket at the end of the season?
21. What was the name of the Egyptian president ousted by the army in a coup d’Etat?
22. Who is abdicating in favour of his son Prince Phillippe?
23. Who was dropped from a series of adverts after filing for bankruptcy for a second time?
24. Wh0o left his speech in the House of Commons toilet?
25. Who was very controversially dropped from the Centre for the decisive 3rd Lions test?
26. Which number stage of the Tour was the first to be won by Mark Cavendish this year?
27. Who contested the Wimbledon Men’s singles this year?
28. Who will contest both the men’s and ladies singles finals this year?
29. Which singer passed away aged 52?
30. Which landmark reopened last week, following damage by Hurricane Sandy?
31. What was voted the UKs top TV drama moment?
32. Who made the news when he was released from prison last week?
33. Doctors advised family members to turn off whose life support machine last week?
34. Which rapper was charged with assaulting his ex girlfriend?
35. What will be given to over 2000 babies born on the same day as the royal baby?
36. Which city was picked to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games?
37. What record was broken by the Djokovic – Del Potro match at Wimbledon?
38. What caused the arguments in Andy Murray’s semi final win?
39. Who signed a one year contract for West Bromwich Albion?
40. The BBC announced it will be shelving what due to a lack of public interest?
41. Who became an Apache helicopter commander last week?
42. Which of the judges is leaving “The Voice”?
43. Which constituency is at the heart of the Labour Party/Unite Union furore?
44. Which two popes are both to be canonized?

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LisaH said...

28. Who will contest both the men’s and ladies singles finals this year?
Er what..... with only 24 hours in between them that's pretty quick work!