Saturday, 22 June 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Thirteen
2. Hassan Rohani
3. Lough Erne
4. Lord Rennard
5. Scott’s Seafood Restaurant
6. Oliver Duff
7. Edward Erin
8. Carl Elsener
9. Neville Wilshire
10. Ashworth Maximum Security Hospital
11. Phytophthora austrocedrae 12. Andrea Rubio
13. “Maggot Moon” by Sally Gardner
14. Estimate
15. Arran Fernandez
16. Suzanne Wilkinson
17. Bowe Berghdahl
18. MERS
19. Dilma Rousseff
20. David Dinsmore
21. Matthew Morrison
22. The Divine Comedy
23. Michael Baigent
24. North West
25. Ben Becker

In Other News

1. Which player did Andy Murray defeat in the final of the Aegon (formerly Queens ) Championship?
2. Which tennis player won the Halle Open
3. Who was a surprise midweek call up for the British and Irish Lions?
4. Who won the US Open
5. To which cause did Andy Murray donate his prize money for winning the Aegon Championship?
6. In Greece a court suspended the order to close ERT. What is ERT?
7. Where was the inner of the US Open born?
8. What sentence did Stuart Hall receive, which was criticised for being too lenient?
9. Which three words did Charles Saatchi use to describe his altercation with his wife Nigella Lawson?
10. Which writer and comedian labeled the sitcom “Vicious” as homophobic?
11. Where was the US Open held?
12. Who became temporary coach of Surrey County Cricket Club?
13. Which former commentator was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer last week?
14. Andy Coulson faced which charges in a Scottish court last week?
15. What has been dropped by the Girl Guides?
16. Who is Newcastle United’s new Director of Football?
17. What was the score in the European Under 21 final?
18. What did the FA announce with regards to Stuart Pearce last week?
19. What was the score between the ACT Brumbies and the Lions?
20. Who were the last Provincial side to beat the Lions prior to the Brumbies?
21. Which team did England defeat in the semi final of the Champions Trophy?
22. Which former champion pulled out of the ladies singles in Wimbledon with an injury?
23. It was revealed that Ian Brady believes that he often has conversations with which entertainer and which double act?
24. Which musical is to be revived in the West End after 15 years?
25. Whose world Facebook site was hacked last week?
26. Which two leading names from the world of fashion were sentenced to 20 months in Italy for tax evasion?
27. Who was branded a ‘dishonest idiot’ by a High Court judge over a damages case?
28. Which actor died aged 51?
29. DC Thompson announced that they are moving the printing of their Commando war comic to which country?
30. What happened to the shrine of the Lourdes grotto last week?
31. Which name is to be removed from Newcastle United’s ground?
32. Which footballer is set to be questioned about his tax affairs in a Spanish court?
33. Which Formula 1 team and tyre manufacturer were censured by the FIA last week for alleged illegal testing?
34. Which team did India defeat in their Champions Trophy semi final?
35. What did Ed Milliband announce about his spending plans should Labour win the next General Election?
36. Which became the first British airline to operate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

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