Saturday, 15 June 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Alex Jones
2. Henry Cavill
3. Tim Yeo MP
4. iRadio
5. Emma Hill
6. Quade Cooper
7. The Happy One
8. Ulric
9. Edward Snowden
10. Jeremy Forrest
11. Major Chris Hadfield
12. Shenzou 10
13. James Crosby
14. Jiroemon Kimura
15. Misao Okawa
16. Henry Angest
17. Constance Briscoe
18. Rory Morrison
19. David Warner
20. Kyle Edmund
21. Dale Cregan
22. Tim Haries
23. Howard Slatter
24. Manuel Pellegrini

In Other News

1. How many times has Rafa Nadal won the French Open singles?
2. Which author died of cancer aged 59?
3. Why was Nelson Mandela in hospital?
4. Who won the Dauphiné Liberé?
5. Who won the French Open Ladies’ Singles
6. Who won the Canadian GP
7. What the score between England and Argentina In the RU test match?
8. – and Wales and Japan?
9. – and New Zealand v. France?
10. And Ireland v. USA?
11. Which teams did England’s U21 football team lose to in their second and third group matches in the European U21 Championships?
12. Who admitted she was a spy 50 years after the event?
13. Which actress announced that she has Alzheimers?
14. Which WWII bomber was raised from the English Channel last week?
15. 6 Islamic extremists were jailed for planning an attack on what or whom?
16. How is the new presenter of Blue Peter to be chosen?
17. Who claimed that the world of classical music is sexist?
18. What was unveiled at the E3 Gaming Expo last week?
19. Who made a guest appearance in the Beano last week?
20. Which racing trainer passed away aged 70 last week?
21. Who complained that female opera singers are too thin?
22. What was the score between the Lions and Combined Country?
23. Stephen Hester announced he was quitting what last week?
24. Beyoncé attacked whom for making her picture obscenely thin last week?
25. Last week the Public Accounts Committee made stringent criticisms of which company’s tax affairs?
26. Air traffic controllers in which European country were on strike last week?
27. Which English centre was called up as cover for injuries to the Lions last week?
28. Which media couple announced last week that they are to divorce?
29. Michael Eavis made a plea for Glastonbury festival goers to do what?
30. A two day event saw formula 1 cars driving around which city last week?
31. Who are sponsoring the Queen’s Club tournament?
32. Wales are to retain which qualification being scrapped in England?
33. Who shot an opening round 67 in the US Open?
34. Gareth Henson has signed for which Rugby Union club?
35. Which actor was knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list?
36. The Gloriana was damaged when it hit which bridge?
37. Whom did the Pope meet in Rome?

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