Thursday, 13 June 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or What are the following, and Why have they been in the news?

1. Lord Laird – Lord Mackenzie – Lord Cunningham
2. Bradley Manning
3. Alexandra Kinova
4. Rami Hamdullah
5. Ruler of the World
6. Intello
7. Charles Ferndale
8. Graham Walker
9. James ‘Whitey’ Bulger
10. Mujahid Abu Hamza
11. Malorie Blackman
12. Theresa Villiers
13. Passau
14. Saeed Ibn Suroor
15. Susan Rice
16. Rt. Rev David Walker
17. Ingvar Kamprad
18. A.M.Homes
19. Paris Jackson
20. Leslie Van Houten
21. John Mills
22. Tom Sharpe
23. Richard Drax MP
24. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales
25. Chris Denning
26. Nesha Ramu
27. Prism
28. Opempipo Jaji
29. Art Everywhere
30. Esther Williams
31. George Bailey

In Other News

1. Who forgot his passport for his flight to Ibiza?
2. 1300 cyclists took part in a London event in aid of which cause?
3. Which supermarket announced they will be giving surplus food to the poor
4. What was the score between England and Brazil
5. Who were the scorers of England’s goals?
6. What was the score between the Republic of Ireland and Georgia?
7. What announcement did Matt Smith make last week?
8. What was the score in the Lions match against the Barbarians?
9. What was the score in the match between England and a South African XV?
10. Where was Mo Farah beaten in a 5000m race last week?
11. Who rode the winning horse in the 2013 Derby?
12. Who rejoined a Premier League football club last week?
13. Who criticized the Charity Commission, for what reason last week?
14. Who will be the next Bond girl, incidentally becoming the oldest one into the process?
15. Who spoke out on TV about her hair loss last week?
16. Who are the new sponsors of the former Orange Prize?
17. Who led the Lions against Western Force?
18. Who is the Government’s new social mobility Tsar?
19. Ofcom ruled that which word was still swearing?
20. Who spoke out publicly against the Same Sex Couple Marriage Act?
21. Leanne Mitchell, winner of The Voice 2012 released her album – how many copies did it sell in the first week?
22. By Which majority was a wrecking amendment to the Same Sex Couples Marriage Bill defeated in the House of Lords last week?
23. It was announced that 600 Afghan interpreters will be given what?
24. Which BBC programme was attacked by the Government of Fiji?
25. The Deputy PM of which country apologized for the excessive violence used to quell riots?
26. Which judge is returned to the X factor auditions last week?
27. Which 87 year old underwent heart surgery?
28. Coca Cola opened their first bottling plant in which country?
29. Who knocked Federer out of the French Open?
30. Who revealed that he had attempted suicide?
31. Which country won approval to become the 18th member of the Eurozone last week?
32. England lost their opening match of the European U21 football championships to which country?
33. Which Lions player was cited for biting during the match against Western Force?
34. Which player has flown out to join the tour in his place?
35. Which veterans won compensation from the UK last week?
36. Who will be opening their first new store for 300 years?
37. How many kicks did Lions fullback Leigh Halfpenny land successfully last week?
38. Who faced 5 counts of indecent assault?
39. Which two chocolate companies were charged with price fixing in Canada?
40. Which world leader and his wife announced that their marriage is over on TV?
41. Who defeated Usain Bolt in the 100m race in Rome?
42. Which England cricketer is facing a dissent charge?
43. Whom did Maria Sharapova defeat in her French Open semi final?
44. Whom did Serena Williams defeat in her French Open semi final?
45. Where was the Duke of Edinburgh admitted for abdominal surgery?
46. Who played whom in the men’s semi finals of the French Open?
47. Who paid a visit to the BBC newsroom
48. Who became the latest celebrity to sign up for a Richard Branson Virgin space flight when they start next year?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Three lords in alleged breach of lobbying rules
2. US Army analyst whose trial for passing secrets to Wikileaks began
3. She gave birth to quins in the Czech Republic
4. New PM of Pakistan
5. Horse that won the Derby
6. Horse that won the Prix du Jockey Club
7. Sentenced to death in Egypt for drug smuggling
8. Actor and member of the Grumbleweeds who passed away last week
9. US Gangster, 83, on trial
10. The name Michael Adebolajo insisted on using in court
11. New Children’s Laureate
12. Northern Ireland Secretary who warned that dissident republicans still pose a threat
13. German city – 1st to be hit by heavy floods
14. New trainer at Godolphin
15. New US National Security Advisor
16. New Bishop of Manchester
17. Creator of IKEA who finally stepped down from the board last week
18. Won the Women’s Prize for Fiction ( formerly the Orange Prize) for May We Be Forgiven – beating Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies
19. Daughter of the late Michael Jackson who allegedly attempted suicide
20. Charles Manson gang member who was refused parole last week for the 20th time
21. Made a massive donation to the Labour Party in the shape of shares in JML
22. Author of “Blott on the Landscape” and other comic novels, passed away 85.
23. Falsely accused of inviting housekeeper into a threesome
24. US Army NCO imprisoned for life for massacring 16 Afghan civilians
25. Original Radio 1 DJ arrested by police over alleged sexual offences
26. 13 year old who has a maximum 162 IQ
27. Secret US operation collecting information from largest internet companies, in which GCHQ has been implicated
28. Jailed for 8 years for raping an 11 year old girl
29. Project to put large reproductions of artworks on display in public places throughout the country
30. Hollywood actress passed away - 92
31. Captaining Australian cricket team while Michael Clarke is injured

In Other News

1. David Cameron
2. Help for Heroes
3. Asda
4. 2 - 2
5. Wayne Rooney and Alex Oxlade -Chamberlain
6. 4 - 0
7. He’s leaving Dr. Who
8. 59 - 8
9. 41 - 21
10. Eugene, Oregon
11. Ryan Moore
12. Jose Mourinho
13. A group of MPs published a report criticizing it for its handling of the Fund for Children and Young Adults in the British Virgin islands
14. Penelope Cruz
15. Nadine Dorries MP
16. Baileys
17. Brian O’Driscoll
18. James Caan
19. Effing
20. Justin Welby – the Archbishop of Canterbury
21. 895
22. 390 -148
23. UK Citizenship
24. Panorama
25. Turkey
26. Sharon Osborne
27. David Attenborough
28. Burma
29. Jo-Wilfred Tsonga
30. Stephen Fry
31. Latvia
32. Italy
33. Cian Healey
34. Alex Corbisiero
35. Mau Mau
36. Fortnum and Mason – in St. Pancras Ticket Hall 37. 11 from 11
38. William Roache
39. Nestlé and Mars
40. Vladimir Putin
41. Justin Gatlin
42. Matt Prior
43. Victoria Azarenka
44. Sara Errani
45. The London Clinic
46. The Queen
47. Djokovic v. Nadal – Tsonga v. Ferrer
48. Justin Beiber

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