Saturday, 1 June 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Blue is the Warmest Colour
2. Random Access memories
3. Mikkel Kessler
4. Sarah McClay
5. Tayyab Subhani, Mohammed Safdar
6. Bandenburg – Willy Brandt
7. Ding Jinhao
8. Vern Cotter
9. Vincent Autin – Bruno Boileau
10. Mad About the Boy
11. Marshall Lyttle
12. Georgia Williams
13. Adam Goodes
14. Stefanie Vogele
15. Holbeck WMC
16. Patrick Mercer
17. Sean Parker
18. Jamie Reynolds
19. JC Penney Kettle
20. Talent

In Other News

1. Name the former Crimewatch presenter criticized for his comments about rape?
2. Who became the first winner of the Monaco Grand Prix whose father had previously won the same race?
3. What happened in the Southwold Pier charity swim?
4. Who is off the British and Irish Lions tour following an incident in the English Premiership final?
5. What was the score in the final of the Champion’s League?
6. – and the Scottish Cup Final?
7. – and the women’s FA Cup Final?
8. – and the English Rugby Premiership final?
9. What did Mark Cavendish receive for winning the points competition in the Giro D’Italia?
10. Which Dad’s Army regular passed away aged 86?
11. Police in which country seized 4 million fake British stamps?
12. The largest flag ever made was unfurled where?
13. Laura Robson was knocked out of the French Open by whom?
14. Who has ended his role as Paul Nicholl’s stable jockey?
15. Who was called up to the British and Irish Lions in place of the banned English player?
16. What was Alastair Cook’s score in the second innings of the second test?
17. Which 39 year old scored the goal which put Crystal Palace into the Premier League next season?
18. Which countries will host the 2019 cricket world cup?
19. Which Premier League club has angered fans with the changes made to the club’s crest for next season?
20. Which day of the week was named as the most dangerous day to undergo an operation?
21. According to the OECD which is the best country to live in?
22. Which media figure denied sexual assault charges in Westminster Magistrate’s Court?
23. Which London War Memorial was defaced last week?
24. Which manufacturer withdrew a line of belts last week when it was discovered that the buckles were radioactive?
25. Which US TV and Film actor passed away aged 88?
26. What was the result of the 2nd Test v. New Zealand?
27. Who scored his first England test century in the 2nd test?
28. Who has joined Russian TV station Russia Today?
29. How many Brits rely on food banks?
30. Staff in which institutions staged a strike last week?
31. Last week was the 150th anniversary of which publication?
32. Last week was the 60th anniversary of what?
33. What was the score in the friendly football international between the Republic of Ireland and England?
34. Who ruled himself out of returning for the Ashes?
35. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, revealed he has been treated for what?
36. Which fish, illegal to catch off the coast of Britain,was seized after being caught off the coast of Devon?
37. Who announced that she is returning to Coronation Street?
38. Which Southampton and Wales striker passed away last week?
39. Who is the new manager of Stoke City?
40. Williams F1 team are switching from Renault to which other engine supplier from 2014?
41. Last week saw an ongoing row about plans to televise whose appearance at the Glastonbury Festival?

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