Saturday, 23 February 2013

News Questions

In the News

Who Or What are the Following and why have they been in the News?

1. Robbie Rogers
2. Joaquin ‘Shorty ‘ Guzman
3. Ernst Von Freyberg
4. Malcolm Walker
5. Sam Woodhead
6. Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Warwick St., Soho
7. Gavin Rees
8. Tropika Island of Treasure
9. Tony Sheridan
10. Danica Patrick
11. Aamir Khan
12. Helvetic Airways
13. Kelly Hoppen
14. Heather Frost
15. David Gill
16. Matt Coles and Ben Stokes
17. Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali
18. Hilton Botha
19. Shadow Morton
20. Seeboks 87 Ltd.
21. Michael Edwards

Other News

1. A meteor blast injured hundreds of people in which country?
2. Which company announced plans to buy 49 Blockbuster video stores?
3. Which organization is celebrating its 150th anniversary
4. Which mass event took place in Gapyeong?
5. Which club knocked Arsenal out of the FA Cup?
6. Which team beat non league Luton Town in the FA Cup?
7. Which 52 year old announced the birth of his first son last week?
8. Which new musical by the creators of South Park is opening in the West End?
9. Which firm have been accused of hiring German neo Nazi security guards
10. Why was the BBC unable to show Breakfast News for one day last week?
11. When will Richard Burton’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame be unveiled?
12. Statues of Buddha were banned where last week?
13. What was the FA Cup score between Chelsea and Brentford?
14. What was the FA Cup score between Man City and Leeds?
15. By which score did Liverpool beat Swansea City last week?
16. Which country won the cricket women’s World Cup last week?
17. Who won cycling’s Tour of Oman last week?
18. Jay – Z will be headlining the Wireless Festival this summer? Where is the venue?
19. Which virus has been causing record numbers of lambs to be stillborn ?
20. Who has announced that she will be forming a new political party in South Africa?
21. Which 79 year old actor passed away?
22. What was the score between Man Utd. and Reading in the FA Cup?
23. Who became the oldest women’s world number 1 in tennis at 31?
24. Who has become England’s record wicket taker in all forms of cricket?
25. Who became the new manager of Blackpool FC?
26. Who called the Duchess of Cambridge a “shop window mannequin”?
27. Who quit as manager of Swindon Town?
28. By which score did Bayern munich defeat Arsenal?
29. In which airport did the £32million heist take place
30. Which has been voted by consumers as the worst supermarket chain in Britain?
31. Which former Game Show host passed away aged 85?
32. What did FIFA announce will be used for the first time in the 2014 World Cup?
33. Which National Park in the UK has won protected Dark Sky status?
34. Which British beach came third in a poll of the best beaches as voted for by global travelers?
35. How many questions did the Vicky Pryce Jury ask before failing to reach a verdict?
36. How much money has the government raised from the 4G auction?
37. Brits – who won
Best british Female –
Best British Male –
Best Single –
Best Album –
Best Group?
38. Which resort is the ‘divorce capital of the UK’?
39. What has been banned by the Rugby League
40. Why can’t Italian captain Sergio Parisse play in the 6 Nations match against Wales?
41. What score saw Tottenham Hotspur go through in the Europa League v. Lyon?
42. What was the score in Newcastle v. Kharkiv?
43. What was the score in Chelsea v. Sparta Prague?
44. What was the score in Liverpool v. Zenit St. Petersburg
? 45. Who defeated whom in the Rugby League world club Challenge?
46. Bail for Oscar Pistorius was set at which figure?
47. The creator of “Roobarb and Custard” and “Henry’s Cat” passed away. What was his name?
48. Who is the first person ever to be nominated in a career in all 6 major categories?
49. Who is the new world men’s Keirin champion?

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