Wednesday, 6 February 2013

News Questions - sorry for delay

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news? 

1.       Adam Afriyie

2.       Alan Levers

3.       Graham Hughes

4.       Elijah Joseph

5.       Acer Nethercott

6.       Fendi

7.       Triage

8.       Movie 43

9.       Pishgam

10.   Sherwyn Sarabi

11.   Julian Ponder

12.   Tom Georgeson

13.   Sheila Fogarty

14.   Harriet and Bridget Mills

15.   Alex Thompson

16.   Nic Jones

17.   Patty Andrews

In Other News 

1.       In which three cities in Egypt was a state of emergency declared?

2.       Britons were told by the FO to leave which part of Somalia?

3.       Which famous song celebrated its centenary?

4.       Who knocked Spurs out of the FA Cup?

5.       Which club drew 2-2 with Chelsea in the FA Cup?

6.       Which song was chosen by Aung San Suu Kyi on Desert Island Discs. even though she had never heard it before?

7.       Which team knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup?

8.       Who praised Mussolini on Holocaust Day?

9.       Which team knocked QPR out of the FA Cup?

10.   What was the FA Cup score between Manchester United and Fulham?

11.   2013 is the 2ooth anniversary of which novel?

12.   Who quit the Fox News Channel in the USA?

13.   Which group announced they will be reuniting to play the Isle of Wight festival?

14.   Who abdicated in favour of her son?

15.   Which boxing veterans announced that they are to fight?

16.   Which England centre was ruled out of the Calcutta Cup, and who replaced him?

17.   What did the UCI do to the commission to investigate collusion in the Armstrong drug cover up?

18.   Who won the Costa Book prize?

19.   The bodies of 78 executed men were found where in Syria?

20.   Mario Balotelli is being sold to which Italian club?

21.   What was the score between QPR and Man City?

22.   Whose Times cartoon was criticized for anti Semitism?

23.   Which Scottish rugby player was born in the Netherlands, and played under-19 for England?

24.   Who took the tube from Farringdon to Kings Cross?

25.   What is the new Blackberry phone called?

26.   Which Tory minister says that leaving the EU would be a mistake?

27.   What is now the most commonly spoken non native language in England and Wales?

28.   Which country launched a satellite from its own soil for the first time?

29.   Which Olympic Gold medalist announced her retirement?

30.   David Attenborough said that he would choose whom as his successor?

31.   Which was crowned the speediest supermarket in which to shop?

32.   Didier Drogba was involved in a contested move from Shanghai to which club?

33.   Nine new bronze bells were made for where?

34.   David Beckham signed with which club for five months?

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