Saturday, 2 February 2013

Connections Rounds

Ok, I'm not going to post the whole quiz, but I do feel bad about leaving you without any news questions today , so here's some of the connections rounds from Thursday night's quiz. Answers in a few days.

Round One

1) In the news – who is Charlie Morgan ?
2) Which British pre-decimal coin was actually worth 5 shillings ?
3) The Emu and which other creature appear on the Australian coat of arms ?
4)  How is the old game of jeu de paume better known ?
5)What is the connection between your last three answers?
6) Cape Verde Islands, off the coast of Africa, were once a colony of which European country ?
7) Who presents Britain’s Brightest on BBC ?
8)  Who was the first welsh artist to have a number 1 in the UK ?
9)  Which element is named after the island of Cyprus ?
10)  How many countries will host matches in the 2020 Euros , according to a UEFA announcement last week ?

Round Two

1)Why did a repeat of The Tweenies cause the BBC to receive thousands of complaints last week ?
2)Which Beatles’ song, from the White Album, a different version of which appeared on the B Side of Hey Jude,  contained a reference to Chairman Mao ? 
3)Which device, which takes its name from the French for Little Wheel, was invented by Blaise Pascal in his search for a perpetual motion machine? 
4)Which musical, written by Julian Slade, centres around a magical piano, which gives people who hear it an irresistible desire to dance? 
5) What is the connection between your last three answers ? 
6)Close to which city is BBC’s Waterloo Road now set ? 
7) In films, what links Beethoven, Hootch and Benji ?
8) Near which capital city did the 1812 Battle of Borodino take place ? 
9) The Irrawaddy is the longest river in which country ? 
10) Name the US teenager who knocked Serena Williams out of the 2013 Australian Open, before losing to Azarenka in the semi final ?

Round Three

1) What controversial claim was made by MP Anna Soubry last week ? 
2)Which TV character’s best friend is a teddy bear called Teddy, his girlfriend is called Irma Gobb, and he drives a mini with the registration number SLW 287R.
3) Which male social networking and charitable organization was founded in Norwich in 1927 ? 
4) Which left wing newspaper began life as the Daily Worker before changing to its current name in 1966 ? 5) What is the connection between your last three answers ? 
6) Where in London did Richard II meet the leaders of the Peasants Revolt, and Wat Tyler get beheaded by the Lord Mayor of London ? 
7) Which was the last of the Triumph company’s TR vehicles ? 
8) What is a Katydid ? 
9) Which song was voted Britain’s favourite number one single of all time in 2012 ? 
10) An athlete from which island nation won the men’s javelin in the 2012 Olympics ?

Round Four

1) Which musician announced her intention to compete as a skier for Thailand in the 2014 Olympics last week ?
2) The Minotaur had the bottom half of a man, and the top half of a what ? 
3) How are the Sami people of Scandinavia otherwise known ? 
4) The Beulah Speckled Face – the Bluefaced Leicester and the Derbyshire Gritstone are all breeds of what? 
5) What is the connection between your last three answers ?
6) How was the ruler born Princess Sophie of Anhalt better known in the 18th century ?
 7) If Ebor is used as the surname in the signature of the Archbishop of York, which word  is used in the signature of the Archbishop of Canterbury ? 
8) What was the title of the last album released by Michael Jackson, not including compilations ? 
9) In the movie Fahrenheit 451 – what does Fahrenheit 451 actually signify ? 
10) Who will be Europe’s Ryder Cup captain in the 2014 Ryder Cup ?

There you go. Enjoy. 


Unknown said...

Fahrenheit 451 - not just the film, but Ray Bradbury's original book.

Londinius said...

I know wj - but for audience I was writing they tend to be more accustomed to films than books, and I just cut and pasted this straight in.

Unknown said...

A good piece of trivia about the film is that the credits were (appropriately) spoken, like M*A*S*H.

Dave said...

Have the answers to these been published? I couldn't find them.