Saturday, 9 February 2013

In the News

In the News

Who or What Are the Following, and why have they been in the news?

1. Luciano Orquera
2. Simon Zebo
3. Daniel Harding
4. Ashley Gill-Webb
5. Bill Furniss
6. Debrecen
7. Reg Presley
8. David Jones
9. Fred
10. Mark Carney
11. Dale Cregan
12. A Good Way To Die
13. Liberty Global

In Other News

1. What was the score between Man City and Liverpool?
2. By which score did Italy beat France in the 6 Nations?
3. By which score did England beat Scotland
4. By which score did Ireland beat Wales?
5. Which country’s ambassador claimed only workers from his country built the 2012 Olympic village?
6. Which London attraction last week sold off props prior to moving location?
7. A ban on women wearing what in Paris has been rescinded
8. Who changed his plea in court to guilty this week
9. Which group reformed for the Superbowl half time show?
10. Which team won the Superbowl?
11. Whose identity was confirmed by DNA last week?
12. Which children’s TV series is set to return 50 years after it was first made?
13. Which company have become the first official sponsors of test match tea breaks in England?
14. Which airline covered up their tail markings on a plane that had veered off the runway?
15. Pakistan have announced plans to build a giant theme park where?
16. Which famous British athletics club has withdrawn from the British League due to a lack of volunteers?
17. How many MPs in total voted in favour of the same sex marriage bill?
18. Who announced her retirement from TV at the age of 71?
19. According to figures published las week, which are the world’s two least expensive cities to live in?
20. What is Chris Huhne’s consituency that now faces a bye election?
21. Who won his 100th cap against Brazil
22. Who has left Nottingham Forest after 41 days in charge
23. How many Conservative MPs voted against the same sex marriage bill?
24. Which two players scored England’s goals in the friendly v. Brazil?
25. Which Monopoly playing token was dropped last week, and by which token was it replaced?
26. Which broadcaster made his Twitter debut last week?
27. Which U Turn was taken by Michael Gove last week?
28. Which bank was fined £390million for its role in the LIBOR fixing scandal?
29. Which group began a series of gigs at the Tate Modern in London?
30. Which North African government dissolved last week?
31. What was the score in the football match between Scotland and Estonia?
32. What was the score in the football match between wales and Austria?
33. What was the score in the football match between Northern Ireland and Malta?
34. Which two teams reached the final of the African Nations Cup?
35. Who asked to be banned from driving when he appeared in court for speeding?
36. What did a survey reveal to be the least romantic place in Britain?
37. Which Findus frozen meal was revealed to contain up to 100% horsemeat?
38. Who is leaving “Dragon’s Den”?
39. Who is the only author to be in the top 10 most borrowed from British libraries for the last 30 years?
40. As well as taking penalty points for speeding, what else did Vicky Pryce claim that Chris Huhne had forced her to do?
41. Mark Cavendish won several individual stages, as well as the overall classification in which stage race?
42. Which longstanding Liverpool FC stalwart announced his retirement?
43. Whose uniform is being leant to the French Army Museum?
44. Which country is currently enveloped in a doping in sport scandal?
45. A fatal crash occurred in which Belgian airport?
46. What was England’s record T20 score v. New Zealand?

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