Friday, 22 February 2013

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Mark Roberts
2. Argo
3. Emanuelle Riva
4. Denny Dolan
5. Babel
6. Chris Christie
7. Lee Mears
8. Farmbox
9. Chi
10. Alberto Mallenco
11. Reeva Steenkamp
12. Bonka Kostova
13. Trevor Grills
14. Love is in my blood
15. Desmond Nair
16. 2012 DA14
17. Damien Shannon
18. Christopher Dorner
In Other News

1. Who won the BAFTA for Best Actor?
2. Name the Environment Secretary who warned that there is more bad news in Horsemeatgate ahead.
3. The Royal Horticultural Society have lifted the ban on what at the Chelsea Flower Show?
4. Who won Best Director at the BAFTAs?
5. Which soul artist died last week?
6. What was the score in the 6 Nations England v. Ireland?
7. And Scotland v. Italy ?
8. And Wales v. France?
9. Which country won the African Cup of Nations?
10. Which team did GB defeat in the Fed Cup?
11. What did Joseph Ratzinger do last week?
12. Who headed the inaugural Woman’s Hour Power List?
13. Which star of the Onedin Line passed away last week?
14. Name the deadly virus contracted by a man in Manchester last week
15. Who designed the T Shirts for this year’s Comic Relief?
16. What was the score between West Brom and Liverpool?
17. Why have Mick and Mairead Philpott been in the news?
18. Which author said that kids should leave school at 11, and that libraries need to go ?
19. What was the score between Real Madrid and Man Utd. ?
20. Which two teams reached the final of the Women’s Cricket World Cup?
21. Who received a 3 week ban after being cited for stamping in the England v. Ireland match?
22. What is Warren Buffet buying for £28 billion?
23. Whose flintlock pistol was sold for a record £150,000?
24. Which product has Asda withdrawn as its contribution to Horsemeatgate?
25. Labour have pledged to bring back which Income Tax rate if elected?
26. Who is Team Sky’s leader in the tour of Oman?
27. What was the score between Chelsea and Sparta Prague?
28. What was the score between Spurs and Lyon?
29. What was the score between Liverpool and Zenit St. Petersburg?
30. And between Newcastle and Kharkiv?
31. Which newspaper celebrated its 125th anniversary?
32. Which Coronation Street actor has been charged with raping a child?
33. Which British designer received a Blue Peter Gold Badge this week?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1. Streaker who has retired after 518 incidents
2. Film that won best Picture BAFTA
3. Actress who won best actress BAFTA – for film Amour – 85 years old
4. Baby boy whose finger was bitten off by urban fox
5. Best Album Grammy Award winner by Mumford and Sons
6. New Jersey Governor criticized over his weight
7. England RU Hooker forced to retire through ill health
8. Aberystwyth firm investigated in Horsemeatgate
9. Italian magazine that published bikini pictures of Duchess of Cambridge
10. Referee Neil Lennon called ‘pro-Juventus’
11. Model girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius killed in his home
12. Nurse in Stafford hospital struck off
13. Singer with Fisherman’s Friends killed in accident
14. Elton John’s thumb pricking Valentines Day Aids Awareness campaign
15. Magistrate in first Pistorius hearing
16. Asteroid that passed within 30000km of Earth
17. Took St. Hugh’s College Oxford to court when they insisted he prove he can raise £12,900 before being allowed on his postgraduate course
18. Former US cop suspected of killing 3 people, caught and killed last week.

In Other News

1. Daniel Day Lewis
2. Owen Patterson
3. Garden Gnomes
4. Ben Affleck - Argo
5. Cecil Womack
6. 12 - 6
7. 34 – 10
8. 16 - 6
9. Nigeria ( bt Burkina Faso 1 – 0)
10. Bulgaria
11. He resigned as Pope Benedict XVI
12. Queen Elizabeth II
13. Peter Gilmore
14. Coronavirus
15. Stella McCartney
16. 2 - 0
17. They are in court on trial for causing the fire that killed their children
18. Terry Deary
19. 1 - 1
20. West Indies and Australia
21. Cian Healy
22. Heinz
23. Captain James Cook’s
24. Beef Bolognese
25. 10p in the pound
26. Chris Froome
27. 1 - 0
28. 2 – 1
29. 0 - 2
30. 0 - 0
31. The Financial Times
32. Michael Le Vell
33. Jonathan Ive

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