Sunday, 12 August 2012

News Questions

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1. Joanne Rowsell and Dani King
2. Kat Copeland and Sophie Hosking
3. Anthony Triggs Hodges
4. Shafilea Ahmed
5. Wade Michael Page
6. Curiosity
7. Peter Charles
8. Mr. Justice Foskett
9. Riad Hijab
10. Nick Dempsey
11. Laura Bechtolsheimer
12. Charlotte Dujardin
13. Carl Hester
14. Stuart Hazell
15. Paul Ryan
16. Ed McKeever
17. Gu Kailai
18. Mzwamadoda Qwabe
19. Jade Jones
20. Luke Campbell
21. Sir David Walker

In Other News

1. Which 2 UK records did Jessica Ennis break in the London Olympics ?
2. How many consecutive Olympic games has Ben Ainslie won sailing medals ?
3. Who defeated Andy Murray and Laura Robson in the mixed doubles finals ?
4. The 3rd longest ever running West End musical is set to close. Which one ?
5. In which event did Sir Chris Hoy win his 6th Olympic gold medal ?
6. In which event did Laura Trott win an individual gold medal
7. Louise Mensch has quit as MP for which constituency ?
8. Nick Clegg has said that he will oppose Conservative party plans on which issue ?
9. Which military historian passed away last week ?
10. Which brothers won individual gold and bronze medals in the same event ?
11. Who confessed to peeing in the pool during his races ?
12. Which composer died at age 68
13. Which 98 year old astronomer passed away ?
14. What was the opening price of Manchester United shares when the club was floated on the New York Stock Exchange last week ?
15. Usain Bolt was prevented from taking what into the Olympic Stadium ?
16. Mel Stuart died last week. Which classic children’s film did he direct ?
17. Which pair of GB gold medal winning cyclists confessed that they are dating at the moment ?
18. Which team were defeated by GB’s women’s hockey team in the bronze medal match ?
19. What was the nationality of Simon Kiprotich, the men’s Marathon winner ?
20. Which 72 year old commentator passed away ?
21. What was the result of the Olympic men’s football final ?
22. In which country did twin earthquakes cause devastation ?
23. Which team were defeated by Norway in the women’s handball final ?

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