Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Answers to the last set of News Questions

Who or What are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Happisburgh hand axe
2. John Sullivan
3. Amelia Hempleman - Adams
4. Adam Scott
5. Hashim Amla
6. Steve Lewis
7. Mappleton Beach
8. Perry Fenwick
9. Alison Williamson and Mary King
10. William Balfour
11. Barton Bradstock
12. Edward Putnam
13. Greg Searle
14. Emmanuel Fringpong
15. Baltasar Garzón
17. King Car Taiwan
18. Liam Corcoran
19. John Atta Mills
20. Gu Kailai
21. Alex Thomson

In Other News

1. Which pop group were invited to take over Teignmouth council for a day ?
2. Who won pole for the German Grand Prix ?
3. Which 70 year old British actor passed away last week ?
4. Which telecommunications anniversary passed last week ?
5. Who found himself in trouble for saying that the torch bearer who had the word Olympic’ misspelled as Oylimpic must have been done by an Irish tattooist ?
6. Who won the Open ?
7. Who won the last stage of the Tour De France ?
8. Who carried the GB flag in the Opening ceremony of the Olympics ?
9. Who won the German GP ?
10. Who was working as a golf caddy for Andres Romero ?
11. A set of unknown stories by which writer were discovered last week ?
12. Which two newspapers were accused of paying public officials ?
13. Whose mother reportedly went missing for a few days on Saturday 21st July ?
14. Who apologized for wearing a T Shirt of neo Nazi band Skrewdriver in a photo shoot ?
15. South Africa won the first test by an innings and how many runs ?
16. Who caused concern when he was unable to join the GB Olympic training camp ?
17. Whose son is facing child porn charges ?
18. Who was announced as a new judge for American Idol ?
19. Which UK bird species has declined most ?
20. Which US astronaut passed away age 61 ?
21. Who announced that she would be snubbing the opening ceremony of the Olympics ?
22. What mistake did the Westfield centre make with its Welcome to London signs in Arabic ?
23. Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson were both in the news again – for what reason ?
24. Which 63 year old actress passed away last week ?
25. Who has been banned for life from the Alfred Dunhill Links championship ?
26. What gaffe was made in the Olympic women’s football ?
27. In which airport did the Rome Alone boy board the plane ?
28. Kevin Costner is currently suing for more profits from which of his films ?
29. What was the score in the GB women’s football team’s first match ?
30. Which two GB players were surprised to be drafted into the women’s tennis singles at late notice ?
31. What was the budget for the Olympic Opening ceremony ?
32. Who has been fined in New Orleans for throwing a photographer’s iphone through a window ?
33. Which Dr. Who actress passed away aged 61 ?
34. Who was cleared of expenses abuse by the House of Lords ?
35. What % were the British Gas profits ?
36. Which is the latest bank or building society to suffer from a technical glitch ?
37. What was the score in the GB Men’s football team’s first match ?
38. Who offered talks to the USA ?
39. Who will be portrayed on her country’s currency for the first time ?
40. Who scored team GB’s first Olympic goal ?


Who or what are the following ?

1. Named the most important historical British find
2. Creator and writer of “Only Fools and Horses “– blue plaque unveiled on his house
3. Carried oympic torch on top of a gondola of the London Eye
4. Lost the Open after bogeying each of the last 4 holes
5. Scored a triple century against England for South Africa in the first test
6. Set a new British pole vault record
7. 1000 live explosives from world war II were found there after being uncovered by a landslide
8. Actor who plays Billy Mitchell – character that carried the Olympic torch in Eastenders
9. British competitors both taking part in their 6th Olympic games
10. Jailed for killing Jennifer Hudson’s family
11. Dorset Beach where a sudden landslide tragically killed a member of the public
12. Former lottery winner jailed for benefit fraud
13. 40 year old former Olympic gold medallist taking part in men’s 8 in the rowing
14. Arsenal footballer twittered abuse to a Spurs fan
15. Investigator employed by Julian Assange to help him fight his extradition
16. Airline boarded by Rome Alone 11 year old boy with no boarding pass
17. Named the world’s top whisky
18. The Rome Alone 11 year old who flew to Rome
19. President of Ghana, passed away last week
20. Chinese politician’s wife, charged with the murder of a British businessman
21. Set a new record for a solo crossing of the Atlantic

In Other News

1. Muse
2. Fernando Alonso
3. Simon Ward
4. The launch of Telstar
5. Daley Thompson
6. Ernie Els
7. Mark Cavendish
8. Sir Chris Hoy
9. Fernando Alonso
10. Carlos Tevez
11. Katherine Mansfield
12. Daily Mirror and the Star
13. Michael Jackson
14. Plan B
15. 12 runs
16. Phillips Idowu
17. Ronnie Barker
18. Mariah Carey
19. Turtle Dove
20. Sally Ride
21. Christina Fernandes de Kirchner
22. It was printed backwards
23. They have been formally charged with phone hacking
24. Angharad Rees
25. Chris Evans
26. The flag of South Korea was used for North Korea, whose players refused to appear until the mistake was rectified
27. Manchester
28. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 29. GB 1 – New Zealand 0
30. Heather Watson and Laura Robson
31. £27 million
32. Russell Brand
33. Mary Tamm
34. Baroness Warsi
35. 23%
36. Nationwide
37. GB 1 – Senegal 1
38. Raul Castro
39. Eva Peron
40. Craig Bellamy

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