Saturday, 11 August 2012

Answers to News Questions

Who or What are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Alexandre Vinokourov
2. Paul Chambers
3. Gary Connery
4. Thomas Heatherwick
5. Lizzie Armistead
6. Yi Siling
7. Ruta Meleitutye
8. Madhura Nagendra
9. Pussy Riot
10. Zoe Smith
11. Ye Shiwen
12. Khaled al Ayoubi
13. Mark McCammon
14. Freya Murray
15. Hiroshi Hoketsu
16. Helen Glover
17. Heather Stanning
18. Greg Searle
19. Michael Jamieson
20. Jessica Varnish
21. Gemma Gibbons
22. Peter Wilson
23. Tiesto
24. Tim Baillie
25. Etienne Stott

In Other News

1. Who is donating $2.5 million to defend gay marriage in Washington State ?
2. Which 68 year old TV actor passed away ?
3. 4 cases of Legionnaires disease were reported where ?
4. Which auction house had to hand back £1.5 million after it was proven that a painting they sold was not painted by Boris Kustodiev ?
5. Which British TV show has been the first to make the cover of the US Entertainment Weekly ?
6. Who upset punters by only playing for 45 minutes at a concert in Paris ?
7. How many competitors made up team GB in the Olympics ?
8. Who did Kenneth Branagh play in the opening ceremony ?
9. Which Olympic event began behind closed doors ?
10. Who was on pole for the Hungarian GP ?
11. How many people in the UK were still watching the opening ceremony after midnight ?
12. Who was reported as kicking out her husband after it was revealed that he had an affair ?
13. Which oil company is being sued over pollution by farmers and fishermen in Nigeria ?
14. Who beat Phelps to gold in his first event ?
15. What is the UKs most popular second hand car ?
16. What are men allowed to wear on formal occasions in Oxford University now ?
17. Underwater salvage teams are trying to raise the bell of which vessel ?
18. Which sporting figure died aged 82 ?
19. GB’s men’s Olympic gymnastic team was downgraded to bronze from silver after a protest by which team ?
20. Peter Jackson announced that he will be making how many films out of “The Hobbit “ ?
21. Whose memorabilia, including a Rolls Royce, were sold at auction ?
22. Who is the biggest earner to compete in the Olympics ?
23. Rio Ferdinand has been charged over calling Ashley Cole what on Twitter ?
24. Which magazine voted the Duchess of Cambridge the world’s Best Dressed woman ?
25. In which event did Michael Phelps win his record breaking 19th Olympic medal ?
26. Which country faced massive power cuts ?
27. Which 72 year old author passed away ?
28. Which country suffered an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus ?
29. Microsoft announced that it is to abandon which brand ?
30. Who was left dangling from a zip wire ?
31. Competitors from which 3 countries were thrown out of the badminton competitions for trying to lose ?
32. Name the other member of the men’s sprint cycling team with Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny
33. Which team knocked the GB football team out of the competition on penalties ?
34. Who has quit as UN envoy to Syria ?
35. Who has completed his trilogy on the life of Christ ?
36. Whose bones are to be handed over to his family ?
37. Lily Allen now records under her married name – what is it ?
38. How many gold, silver and bronze medals has Michael Phelps won during his Olympic Career ?


Who or what are the following ?

1. Rider from Kazakhstan won the Men’s road race – which Mark Cavendish had targeted
2. He was fined for tweet threatening airport after support from Stephen Fry and others
3. The Queen’s skydiving stunt double for the Opening ceremony
4. Designer of the fabulous Olympic Cauldron
5. She won GB’s first medal – silver in women’s road race
6. Winner of the first gold medal of the London Olympics, in the women’s air rifle
7. Lithuanian swimming gold medallist based in Plymouth – same school as Tom Daley
8. The person who joined the Indian team in the Olympic procession without permission
9. Russian girl group on trial for singing in Cathedral against Putin
10. Broke British weightlifting record in Olympics
11. Chinese swimming sensation whose gold medal performance was openly questioned by a US coach
12. Syria’s senior diplomat in UK – quit over violence in Syria
13. Industrial tribunal ruled he was unfairly sacked by Gillingham FC
14. Replaced Paula Radcliffe in Olympic Marathon
15. Oldest competitor in London Olympics – 72 year old Japanese dressage competitor
16. One of GBs first gold medallists – in women’s double sculls
17. The other of GBs first gold medallists – in women’s double sculls
18. 40 year old rower, bronze medal in men’s 8
19. Won only GB silver medal in swimming
20. Victoria Pendleton’s sprint partner – they were disqualified in women’s team sprint
21. Judo silver medalist
22. Gold medalist in Double trap shooting
23. World’s highest paid DJ
24. One of the gold medal winning K2 canoe slalom pair
25. The other

In Other News

1. Jeff Bezos
2. Geoffrey Hughes
3. Stoke
4. Christies
5. Dr. Who
6. Madonna
7. 542
8. I.K.Brunel
9. Archery
10. Lewis Hamilton
11. 20 million
12. Anthea Turner
13. Shell
14. Ryan Lochte
15. Ford Fiesta
16. Skirts
17. HMS Hood
18. Jack Taylor
19. Japan
20. 3
21. Sir Jimmy Saville
22. Roger Federer
23. Choc Ice
24. Vanity Fair
25. Men’s 4 x 100 freestyle
26. India
27. Maeve Binchy
28. Uganda
29. Hotmail
30. Boris Johnson
31. China, Indonesia and South Korea
32. Philip HIndes
33. South Korea
34. Kofi Annan
35. Pope Benedict XVI
36. Ned Kelly
37. Lily Rose Cooper
38. 22 – 18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze

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