Friday, 24 August 2012

Familiar Faces - Only Connect

I don´t know if you´ve seen any of the adverts for the new series of Only Connect ( starts this Monday ) I´ve seen the ad a couple of times now, and it shows several teams from the new series. One of which contains none other than our very own Brian Pendreigh, and also Chris Brewis, organiser and compere of the ever popular and highly contested CIU quiz tournament every year ( which come to think of it is very nearly upon us).

I promise not to curse you with the Clark Tip, but I wish you, and of course any other regular LAM readers taking part in the series the very best of retrospective luck.


AaronW said...

Noticing that there are currently on British TV - Mastermind, University Challenge, Eggheads, Countdown, and from Monday, new series of Only got me wondering...which other countries have this many challenging quiz/puzzle-based game shows?

I'm wondering about Japan as a possible answer, but i don't imagine many countries do. Do you have any thoughts Dave?

PS have you caught 'cleverdicks' on sky atlantic? It is bizarre but quite good, with sufficiently challenging questions to be worth the time watching i reckon.

Unknown said...

Cleverdicks looks like a good, challenging quiz - however I can't stand that awful woman.

Londinius said...

Hi Aaron

OSrry, but I´m really not au fait enough with the TV quiz scene worldwide. Your suggestion of Japan does seem reasonable. I don´t have Sky Atlantic on my cable package, but I have caught a few of the repeats on Challenge. I tend to agree with Watergrass Jon inasmuch as I like the show a lot, but I don´t think a great deal of Anne Widdecombe. The gossip is that she was terrible at it as well - I´ve been told that she required numerous retakes , although for all I know this could be exaggeration by those who were there. On a show like that, though, you don´r need a ,personality´to host it, simply a professional.

DanielFullard said...

Looking forward to this tomorrow and as per Cleverdicks I have been enjoying that too but am still a few behind after taping pretty much 10+ episodes during the Olympics

AaronW said...

Apologies - i only just got round to checking your reply.

Yeah unfortunately Widdicombe does provoke very strong reactions in people (not least because of her political and religious views). But I just find her funny/bizarre and it doesn't both me really.

Watched some more and really enjoy the questions on that show. Must tap into my style of thinking and interests particularly well I guess. I also think it contains some of the most exciting race-against-time head-to-heads of any quiz format on TV. The tension in a close round is great.