Thursday, 30 August 2012

50 Years of University Challenge

If you haven't listened to last Saturday Night's Radio 4 Archive on 4 show celebrating 50 years of University Challenge, can I suggest that you might well enjoy it, and point you in the direction of the iplayer ? I've read the 40 years of UC book, and seen TV documentaries about the show, but there were things I didn't know in this one. If nothing else you'll have the pleasure of hearing Russell Davies announcing the scores in my BoB final, when Anne, Rob and I were absolutely trounced by Ian. Ian is interviewed in the show in his role of coach to Oxford Brookes. There's an interview with Gail Trimble, and another notable to feature is former winner Sean Blanchflower, whose own website is the oracle for me on anything to do with UC, and if you've never been, you can find the link in my recommended links. Good show, a most pleasurable hour. I'll end with a paraphrase - I like the description of UC as a show which reminds you that the world is not actually going to hell in a handcart. Well said.


Jack said...

I listened to this on Saturday night; a very enjoyable hour of listening, with some great interviews and info. I knew some of it already, but it was still fascinating to listen to. Good stuff.

On another note, I've just found out that Victoria Coren and David Mitchell are engaged. Congrats to both of them!

BoiCymraeg said...

It was interesting to hear Bamber ask a question which involved naming several things for 10 points each. Contrary to what Paxman always says, the rules *have* changed over time and all the changes I've heard of seem to have made it increasingly harder to get a higher score - so previous score records (400+) have to be considered with this in mind.

Londinius said...

Hi guys
I heard that too. I wish them every happiness.

Re: High scores - yes - the record is something ridiculous over 500 - but it's a little complicated. The best thing to do is to read the appropriate page from Sean Blanchflower's site here

University Challenge Highest Scores

Anything over 300 is extremely good, and anything close to 400 is phenomenal.