Saturday, 24 March 2012

Return of the News

Yes, a few news questions just to ease myself back in. Here you go : -

1. Which quango sent out emails with the details of thousands of students ?
2. What were Fabrice Muamba’s first words when waking up in hospital ?
3. Against which team was he playing when he collapsed last week ?
4. Who admitted hitting his ex-wife on the Piers Morgan Show ?
5. Croydon Council found that not one tenant was prepared to take them up on their offer to rehouse them where ?
6. What has been controversially dropped in Wales in favour of a vaccination programme ?
7. In which city in France did a lone gumman attack children in a Jewish school ?
8. What is the name of the Toulouse gunman, shot by police ?
9. Carlos Tevez was finally included in the Man City squad to play which side ?
10. It was announced that the 2014 Champions League final will be played in which city ?
11. In a survey, what came out tops as Britain’s favourite smell ?
12. Which actor from the Harry Potter films was jailed for rioting last week ?
13. 2 new paintings by whom were discovered on the same canvas ?
14. Employees from where were the winning syndicate in Friday 16th Euromillions ?
15. Which current Disney film has been predicted for a loss of $200 million ?
16. What is Nemesis Sub Terra ?
17. The higher rate of tax was lowered controversially to what rate in the Budget ?
18. Name the British hostage freed last week after a ransom was paid to Somali pirates ?
19. Who is Laura Johnson and why was she in last week’s news ?
20. Which film director is currently making a film on the bottom of the ocean ?
21. Who is Louise Coleman ?
22. Which group became the first UK group to have their first album debut at Number 1 in the US charts ?
23. What is the title of the new Aardman animation film ?
24. Who was rightly named the best player of the 6 Nations ?
25. Who designed the new British Olympic Kit ?
26. Why has it been criticised ?
27. The government has announced plans to set the minimum cost of one unit of alcohol at what ?
28. Who is Gregory Doran ?
29. The world’s largest deckchair was unveiled where last week ?
30. Which African country was taken over by military junta last week ?
31. What was the Coroner’s verdict on Whitney Houston ?
32. Name the Energy Secretary who has lost a high court battle over solar panel subsidies
33. What has Engelbert Humperdinck asked fans not to do during the Eurovision ?
34. BBC Countryfile has been criticised for showing illegal mountain biking in which National Park ?
35. Mars have announced that they will reuce the maximum amount of calories in their chocolate bars to which figure ?
36. Who was turned away from the Royal Berkshire Health and Racquets Gym, and allegedly called a “Daft chav” according to some reports ?
37. Who is Hiroshi Hoketsu ?

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