Friday, 30 March 2012

News Questions

In the news questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1. Peter Cruddas
2. Sir Michael Spicer
3. Chris Cairns
4. Adam Parr
5. Gabor Rakonczay
6. The Arnold Palmer Invitational
7. Liam Stacey
8. Dylan Hartley
9. Judge John Larkin
10. Francis Maude
11. The Pirates Next Door
12. Mega Millions
13. Gary McKinnon
14. Richard Lee Norris
15. I Dreamed a Dream
16. Hank Haney
17. Viaspan
18. Baby
19. Jean Paul Guerlain
20. The Virgin and Child with St. Anne

In Other News

1. Name the two time former world darts champion who passed away last week
2. Which town is officially the accident prone capital of the UK ?
3. Who has been offered the position of coach to the British and Irish Lions tour of 2013 ?
4. What was found near the Queen Charlotte Islands ?
5. What has become the most expensive ITV drama ever produced ?
6. Which driver won the Malaysian Grand Prix ?
7. Barack Obama has warned North Korea over what ?
8. Margaret Thatcher was revealed to have said that she would not go into politics if she had her time again – for what reason ?
9. How have the London Olympics snubbed John O’Groats ?
10. Which club won the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy ?
11. The Pope paid a much publicised visit to which country ?
12. Which former Conservative Cabinet minister passed away last week ?
13. Which car company recalled 100,000 cars in the UK ?
14. Which coach was sacked by Inter Milan last week ?
15. From the end of April what will be the new prices of 1st and 2nd class stamps ?
16. Foreign Olympic coaches officials and athletes will be banned from doing what in the UK during the Olympics ?
17. A forest fire broke out near Newport , South Wales last week – where ?
18. How did organisers of a shooting event in Kuwait cause anguish to the winner from Kazakhstan ?
19. What was the result of the Chelsea v. Benfica match ?
20. What was the result of the replayed Spurs v. Bolton FA Cup match ?
21. Where in the UK is Einstein’s brain going on display to the public ?
22. What was given to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall , on her visit to the set of the TV drama “The Killing “ ?
23. Which Rugby League team were threatened with receivership unless they could raise £500,000 by the end of the month ?
24. Andy Murray has announced that he will be unavoidable for the Davis Cup tie against which country ?
25. What was Sri Lanka’s lead over England after their second innings in the first test ?
26. Which football club were fined by UEFA for the behaviour of its fans during a match against Udinese ?
27. Who was been appointed England’s Rugby Union coach until the world cup in 2015 ?
28. Which senior conservative said that their front bench risks being seen as out of touch ?
29. The public are to be allowed to see he sets for the Harry Potter films – where ?
30. Who have unveiled their first uniform specifically for muslim girls ?
31. Who won the Bradford West bye election ?
32. Where is the first new grammar school campus for 50 years set to open ?
33. Who scored a century in England’s second innings of the first test v. Sri Lanka ?
34. What was Sri Lanka’s winning margin in this test ?
35. Which 80s sitcom is being revived by it’s writers for a UK cable channel ?
36. Which country held a general strike on Thursday 29th March ?
37. Which BBC Game show is to be axed ?

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