Friday, 30 March 2012

Answers to News Questions

1. Which quango sent out emails with the details of thousands of students ?
2. What were Fabrice Muamba’s first words when waking up in hospital ?
3. Against which team was he playing when he collapsed last week ?
4. Who admitted hitting his ex wife on the Piers Morgan Show ?
5. Croydon Council found that not one tenant was prepared to take them up on their offer to rehouse them where ?
6. What has been controversially dropped in Wales in favour of a vaccination programme ?
7. In which city in France did a lone gumman attack children in a Jewish school ?
8. What is the name of the Toulouse gunman, shot by police ?
9. Carlos Tevez was finally included in the Man City squad to play which side ?
10. It was announced that the 2014 Champions League final will be played in which city ?
11. In a survey, what came out tops as Britain’s favourite smell ?
12. Which actor from the Harry Potter films was jailed for rioting last week ?
13. 2 new paintings by whom were discovered on the same canvas ?
14. Employees from where were the winning syndicate in Friday 16th Euromillions ?
15. Which current Disney film has been predicted for a loss of $200 million ?
16. What is Nemesis Sub Terra ?
17. The higher rate of tax was lowered controversially to what rate in the Budget ?
18. Name the British hostage freed last week after a ransom was paid to Somali pirates ?
19. Who is Laura John son and why was she in last week’s news ?
20. Which film director is currently making a film on the bottom of the ocean ?
21. Who is Louise Coleman ?
22. Which group became the first UK group to have their first album debut at Number 1 in the US charts ?
23. What is the title of the new Aardman animation film ?
24. Who was rightly named the best player of the 6 Nations ?
25. Who designed the new British Olympic Kit ?
26. Why has it been criticised ?
27. The government has announced plans to set the minimum cost of one unit of alcohol at what ?
28. Who is Gregory Doran ?
29. The world’s largest deckchair was unveiled where last week ?
30. Which African country was taken over by military junta last week ?
31. What was the Coroner’s verdict on Whitney Houston ?
32. Name the Energy Secretary who has lost a high court battle over solar panel subsidies
33. What has Engelbert Humperdinck asked fans not to do during the Eurovision ?
34. BBC Countryfile has been criticised for showing illegal mountain biking in which National Park ?
35. Mars have announced that they will reuce the maximum amount of calories in their chocolate bars to which figure ?
36. Who was turned away from the Royal Berkshire Health and Racquets Gym, and allegedly called a “Daft chav” according to some reports ?
37. Who is Hiroshi Hoketsu ?


1. Student Finance England
2. Did we win ?
3. Tottenham Hotspur
4. Dennis Waterman
5. Walsall
6. Badger Cull
7. Toulouse
8. Mohammad Merah
9. Chelsea
10. Lisbon
11. Freshly cut grass
12. Jamie Waylett who played Crabbe
13. Van Gogh
14. Stagecoach drivers from Corby Nothants
15. John carter
16. The new ride at Alton Towers
17. 45p
18. Judith Tebbut
19. On trial for rioting last week she claimed she was forced to act as getaway driver for looters
20. James Cameron
21. New Dr. Who actress
22. One Direction
23. The Pirates
24. Dan Lydiate
25. Stella McCartney
26. The union flag is just different shades of blue and some people think there should be more red in the kit
27. 40p
28. New Artistic Director of the RSC
29. Bournemouth Beach
30. Mali
31. Drowned
32. Ed Davey
33. Throw knickers at him
34. The New Forest
35. 250 calories
36. Russell Crowe

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