Saturday, 3 March 2012

News Questions

News 3rd March 2012

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news ?

1) Scott Williams
2) Mark McCammon
3) William Lindesay
4) Anthony Gerrard
5) Ben Turner
6) Tommy Karpency
7) Chandra Bahadur Dangi
8) Octavia Spencer
9) Michael Hazanavicus
10) Terry and Orlagh George
11) Wang Shu Wan
12) Sue Akers
13) Paul Conroy
14) Baroness Tonge
15) Len McCluskey
16) Geordie Greig
17) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
18) Raisa
19) Jonathan Spelman
20) John Kafunda and Reece Donovan

In Other News

1) What will be the closing time for pubs during the Golden Jubilee Weekend ?
2) Which former Home Secretary last week criticized the Labour leadership ?
3) The creator of which children’s cartoon series was accused of racism and detained in an airport ?
4) Who said that she preferred high heels to sex because they last longer ?
5) How many Oscars did “The Artist “ win ?
6) Whose last home was demolished last week ?
7) Who was allowed to go home last week after a laparoscopy ?
8) Which team came back to beat Spurs 5 – 2 last week
9) Who played his 900th first team game last week ?
10) Who won his first Oscar at the age of 82 last week ?
11) Who received a record breaking 9 Golden Raspberry “Razzie” nominations last week ?
12) According to a consumer survey which is Britain’s number 1 superbrand ?
13) Who confessed to making dead wrong investments ?
14) Name the sister ship of the Costa Concordia which caught fire last week ?
15) Whom did Julia Gillard defeat in last week’s Australian Labour party leadership election ?
16) St. Paul’s protestors were finally evicted after which period of time ?
17) A fire broke out at a biofuel power station where last week ?
18) What reappeared on London Streets last week ?
19) Wales’ international rugby ranking last week climbed above England’s to which position ?
20) The world’s oldest operational nuclear power station closed last week . Where ?
21) Which opera was booed in the Royal Opera House last week, and why ?
22) A new short story in French by which author is to be published ?
23) Wales lost a football friendly last week to which country ?
24) In which two states did Mitt Romney win narrow victories last week ?
25) Who pulled out of an interview on “Loose Women” after the start of the show ?
26) How old was Davy Jones when he passed away last week ?
27) Whose childhood homes were given grade 2 listing last week ?
28) Which town’s spa water has been graded unfit for human consumption ?
29) Who is leaving BBC Breakfast over a refusal to move to Salford ?
30) What was the final score in the England v. Holland friendly ?
31) Which world governing body handed Derek Chisora an indefinite suspension ?
32) In a survey who was rated the most influential Brit on Twitter ?
33) 12,000 post offices were affected by what last week ?
34) Who will sing Royaume Uni’s Eurovision entry this year ?
35) The UK evacuated all its diplomats from where ?
36) Where did the world’s tallest communication tower open last week ?
37) Which singer said that he believed that the Falklands really belong to Argentina ?
38) Ryan Giggs faced a bill of how much after unsuccessfully suing the Sun for invasion of privacy ?
39) Which was revealed to be the richest university in the UK ?
40) Which two league clubs have been banned from the transfer market ?
41) Where did Andy Murray beat Novak Djokovic ?

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