Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Quiz Show Quiz Book

I know that this is hypocritical of me. I’ve always said all along that LAM is not something I will allow other people to use as a commercial opportunity. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t publicized things when I think they’ve been worthy of it. But it does mean that I’ve never gone down the route of ‘monetising’ the blog by signing up with Adsense, or other such. Occasionally I’ve had people post comments with links to other sites, and I’ve always deleted them , rather than risk any reader being led up the garden path. I’ve been known to comment on occasion words to the effect of – this blog is not a commercial opportunity for you – or for me either -.

Here’s where the hypocrisy comes in. You see, this is a plug. Oh , the shame of it. I bet you can feel the heat of my embarrassment coming through the screen. The thing is this, you see

I’ve written a little quiz book.

Its called “The Quiz Show Quiz Book” , and basically it does exactly what it says in the tin. It gives you more than 500 questions on your favourite quiz shows – some you maybe didn’t like that much – maybe some you’ve never even heard of. I’ve tried to be true to my own feelings about quiz books – e.g. that explanations of answers are important, and should have detail when necessary.

Its an ebook, and you can obtain it for the Kindle from Amazon . For some reason it won't let me link to Amazon on a post of this blog, and so you can click on the link to The Quiz Show Quiz Book on my recommended links.

Alternatively its also available to you on CD ROM, if you click on Web Store in my Recommended Links.

I am sorry to interrupt your enjoyment of an otherwise harmless blog for this shameless plug.

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