Saturday, 17 September 2011

Answers to News Questions

Yes, here they are, the news question answers. I'm far too vain to pass up the chance of mentioning that the news questions on LAM are personally recommended by no lesser light in the quiz world than Barry Simmons of Eggheads. More about that later. Meanwhile,

Who or what are the following, and why are they in the news ?

1) Nathan Hageman
2) Harbour
3) Kirani James
4) Murdo Fraser
5) Kevin Bloom
6) Sophie Tyler
7) Aaron and Abbie
8) Ned Kelly
9) Katie McNeil
10) Darren Flood
11) Katia
12) Cliff’s Law
13) Mohamed Ibrahim
14) Flavia Panetta
15) Hannah England
16) Ortis Deeley
17) Rebecca Leighton
18) Julie Krone
19) Cecil Coley
20) George Kiejman
21) Abdel Hakim Belhaj
22) Margaret Moran
23) Talas
24) David Bathurst
25) Tiffany Porter
26) Carol Klein
27) Simon Negus
28) Dr. Ruth Coppard
29) Lillian Bettencourt
30) Maria Chappini
31) Candida Albicans
32) Aaron Ramsey
33) Peter Twiss
34) Georgie Thompson
35) Egypt
36) Munir Farooki
37) Blackwater
38) Chris Fox
39) Craig Williams
40) Jenny Bessant
41) Andrew Lindo
42) Lynette Freeth
43) Judit Nagy
45) Colin Adlard
46) Robert Ormesher
47) Patrick Digby
48) Clare and Paul Baker
49) Gina Rinehart
50) Lindsay Doyle
51) Alberto Colto
52) Danny Roberts
53) Robin Haase


Who or what ?
1) The controversial winner of Red and Black, who had served a jail sentence
2) Joined the Guinness book for the longest ears of any dog
3) Athlete from Grenada who won the men’s 400m at the world championships
4) Candidate for leadership of Scottish conservatives who wants to scrap them if he becomes leader, and form a new party
5) Dutch referee who awarded a controversial penalty to Czech Republic v. Scotland
6) Teenager from Risca paralysed when an epidural was left in too long
7) The 2 names which teachers find most difficulty spelling correctly
8) Famous outlaw whose remains were identified in Melbourne
9) New fiancée of Neil Diamond
10) Brother in Law of Victoria Beckham, allegedly sacked for not using his connection with them
11) Hurricane, the tail of which was due to hit UK
12) It extends music copyright to 70 years from 50 years
13) Teacher from Brent who has become the deputy PM of Somalia
14) Player who beat Maria Sharapova in the US Open
15) Won silver in women’s 1500m in Daegu
16) Dropped as anchorman on Channel 4’s coverage of the world athletics championships after a series of alleged gaffes
17) Nurse freed from jail after case over saline drips in Steepings Hill hospital was dropped
18) Most successful female jockey of all time, who had a win at the St. Leger meeting
19) Pensioner arrested over death of a man carrying out burglary at his shop – will not be charged
20) Lawyer for Jacques Chirac
21) CIA rendered him to Libya after information was provided to them by MI6
22) Last MP to face criminal charges over expenses
23) Latest typhoon to hit Japan
24) He fell unconscious while trying to break the world record for reading out loud
25) The American, so-called ‘Plastic Brit , who came fourth in the women’s 100m hurdles in Daegu
26) The host of Gardener’s World who has been forced to close her nursery
27) Former chief of Microsoft UK in the High Court on sexual assault charges
28) Radio 4 psychologist accused of abusing patient trust
29) A French judge claims that she gave money to Nicolas Sarkozy
30) She was arrested for breaking up a village cricket match when balls kept being hit into her garden
31) A new drug resistant fungus invading hospitals
32) Captained Wales in their narrow defeat to England in football
33) The first man to break 1,000 mph, who passed away last week
34) Sky TV presenter banned for driving over the limit
35) He is a Newfoundland dog who is the first animal to get a busking license – in Doncaster
36) Jailed for life for running a terrorist ring in the north of England
37) Security firm accused of shooting 200 people in Iraq
38) Lib Dem chief executive who has announced he will stand down
39) HE drove his Vauxhall Frontera to the top of Snowdon
40) She has been banned from her local, the Nutley Arms, for life for asking for a diet lemonade
41) Teacher who killed his partner and hid her body in a suitcase
42) Nurse struck off for threatening to stab a patient
43) She was killed when her G-WIZ electric car imploded in a crash
44) Company associated with Alan Duncan MP, which faces questions over oil deals with Libyan Rebels.
45) He killed his wife, allegedly over a row about mashed potato
46) A punch and Judy man who has been accused of hitting a 12 year old autistic girl at a party
47) He was named as the 1959 Notting Hill race killer in a new book.
48) The couple who have been banned from fostering a child because he admitted having smoked cigars
49) Australia’s richest woman currently being sued by her daughter
50) BBC Midlands presenter given drink driving ban
51) He set a new world record for mental calculation
52) An escaped prisoner who went to a police station to hand himself in, to be told that the police were too busy to arrest him.
53) Player who took Andy Murray to five sets in 2nd round of the US Open
In other News

1) Where is the Walker Cup being played ?
2) Which soup has been banned in California ?
3) How long in miles is David Walliams’ attemped swim along the River Thames ?
4) Where did Brazil beat Ghana in a friendly ?
5) Which unfinishable job will finish on October 9th ?
6) Wines from which country have just gone on sale in Waitrose ?
7) A performance by which orchestra caused demos in London ?
8) Which town will be taking over repatriation from Wooton Bassett ?
9) Who won the Mercury Music prize, with which album ?
10) Which tobacco company is trying to use Freedom of Information legislation to gain access to research from Stirling University into teens’ smoking habits ?
11) Which has been voted the ugliest new building in Britain over the last 12 months ?
12) Who was conducting the BBC Radio interview which Oscar Pistorius stormed out of ?
13) Which brand of cider has been recalled because of exploding bottles ?
14) Who was criticized for lowering the tone by using the word “w*nkers” during his speech at the GQ Men of The Year awards ?
15) Who won a record breaking 6th title at Burghley ?
16) Who will face whom in the Clydesdale Bank 40 over competition ?
17) Where was the world’s biggest ever crocodile caught ?
18) Who has made the Booker Prize shortlist for the 4th time ?
19) What are McDonalds now putting onto all of their menus ?
20) What is the title of Alastair Darling’s autobiography ?
21) What have Waterstones ended ?
22) Who called Italy ‘a Sh*t country ‘ ?
23) What is now Britain’s favourite fish ?
24) Which country won the Copa America ?
25) Whose diary will be auctioned at Christie’s ?
26) What distinction is claimed by Burton Road in Eastborne ?
27) Which chocolates did the makers now admit contain fewer sweets per box than previously ?
28) Records were retrieved from which notorious prison in Tripoli ?
29) Who is the manager of the Bulgarian football team, beaten by England in a qualifier ?
30) Which actor ruled himself out of ever standing for US president ?
31) Owen Hargreaves signed a one year deal with which club ?
32) Who scored England’s only goal against Wales ?
33) What species of whale was trapped in Immingham Docks near Grimsby ?
34) Who wrote and directed the much derided film W.E. about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII ?
35) Which country launched its first ever luxury cruise ?
36) Why did the Royal Mail reuse to deliver CDs of a reading of the Gospel of St. Mark to churches in Jersey ?
37) Why was Timothy Spall reused entry to a Thames River festival with his barge ?
38) Who is the coach of Japan in the Rugby World Cup ?
39) Which is the first county to ban second home owners from voting in local elections ?
40) Who was it revealed stood as godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch’s daughters ?
41) What are the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham giving to patients to distract them ?
42) Which club has signed Joe Cole ?
43) Prom goers have been annoyed by the removal of what from the Albert Hall ?
44) In which event did Oscar Pistorius win a world athletics championship medal ?
45) Who warned that nurses with poor English put patients at risk ?
46) Jailed rioters have swelled the prison population in Britain to a new high – at what figure ?
47) Old Boys have protested about the scrapping of what at Abingdon school ?
48) David Cameron wants which establishment to fund a free school ?
49) Whose work will be exhibited in the Bigger Picture exhibition ?
50) A set of royal mail stamps is to celebrate 100 years of what ?

1) Royal Aberdeen Golf Course
2) Shark fin soup
3) 140 miles
4) Craven Cottage
5) Painting the Forth Bridge
6) India
7) Israel Philharmonic
8) Carterton in Oxfordshire, nr. RAF Brize Norton
9) P.J. Harvey – Let England Shake
10) Phillip Morris
11) BBC Media City at Salford Quays
12) Rob Bonnett
13) Stella Artois Cidre
14) George Osborne
15) William Fox-Pitt
16) Surrey ( bt Sussex ) Somerset ( bt Durham )
17) Philippines
18) Julain Barnes ( for the Sense of An Ending )
19) Calorie Count
20) Back from the Brink
21) 3 for 2 deals
22) Silvio Berlusconi
23) Salmon
24) Uruguay
25) Captain RF Scott
26) Britain’s sunniest street
27) Roses and Heroes
28) Abu Salim
29) Lothar Matthaus
30) George Clooney
31) Owen Hargreaves
32) Ashley Young
33) Minke Whale
34) Madonna
35) North Korea
36) It was deemed to be offensive material
37) His wife listed their barge as an 800ft battleship
38) John Kirwan
39) Cornwall
40) Tony Blair
41) Ipads
42) Lille
43) A fountain
44) Men’s 4x400m relay
45) Lord Winston
46) 86,842
47) Saturday Lessons
48) Eton
49) David Hockney
50) Air Mail


Dave said...

I have spotted the deliberate mistake and claim the mystery prize :-)

Q31) Owen Hargreaves signed a one year deal with which club ?

A31) Owen Hargreaves

I know he's good but he's hardly a one man team ;-)

Londinius said...


Sawreeee !