Saturday, 10 September 2011

Anniversary - Busy Week - New Book

Its been a very busy week. I say this by way of an excuse for having posted nothing in the way of questions, or anything other than the reviews of OC and UC this week. The first week of the new school year is always hectic. Alright, so I was actually back in school on the 1st, but we didn’t have the children back until Monday, and so to all intents and purposes its been the first week.

Not only that, but it was Mary’s birthday on Thursday, and today is also our silver wedding anniversary. Hence the fact that I am writing this first thing in the morning before Mary gets up. Fair play to her, she has earned one quiz-free day after twenty five years.

Also I’ve published a book on Kindle this week. It’s been a bit of an ambition of mine for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been writing little bits and pieces, but never had the guts enough to put anything ‘out there’ as they say. The kind comments I’ve had about some of the things I’ve written in the blog have encouraged me enough to go for it.

Still, its back to the metaphorical quiz grindstone this week. Tomorrow I need to find time to compile the quiz for the rugby club for Thursday. On Monday evening we have the Muriel Williams, which is the traditional curtain raiser for the Bridgend Quiz League. There’s the Get Connected Charity quiz. Then my quiz in the rugby club. Then a week tomorrow is the CIU final in Derby. I’m delighted to say that its all go for the quiz obsessive.

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