Saturday, 17 September 2011

News Questions - Week up to 17th September

Who or what are the following, and why are they in the news ?

1) 'Ray'
2) Altitude
3) Jed Whinfindale
4) Adam Kleeburger
5) Sheikh Raed Salah
6) Kinde Durkee
7) Kweku Adoboli
8) MS Nordlys
9) Esther Freeborn
10) Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal
11) Grimsville UK
12) Kathryn Roach
13) The Connors family
14) Paul Hopes
15) Sean Duffy
16) Sue Sim
17) James Byrne
18) Tyler Perry
19) Katherine Goldberg
20) Rob Hull
21) Greenacres
22) Oliver Golding
23) The Abril Family
24) Barbara Glen
25) Thomas Grant
26) My Heart
27) David and Judith Tebbut
28) Wayne Barnes
29) Jacolyn Ansell
30) A.N.Wilson

In Other News

1) Who is suing his stepson for conning him out of millions of dollars ?
2) Which musician has been ordered to remove a beach hut from the driveway of his home ?
3) The world’s biggest sperm bank, in Denmark, has stopped accepting donations from which group of people ?
4) Which council has agreed to pay back £1 million in parking fines ?
5) Neil Kinnock’s Daughter in Law is the leader of the Social Democrats in which country ?
6) Which singer attacked Britain’s racial intolerance ?
7) What is James Dyson’s new product ?
8) NASA announced plans to build a new Mars rocket – how much did it say this would cost ?
9) Which song saw Tony Bennett duet with the late Amy Winehouse ?
10) Who became the oldest man ever to score a goal in the champion’s league ?
11) Which venue is hosting the Seve Cup ?
12) Who won the cricket county championship ?
13) Who has been asked to write the Further Tales of Peter Rabbit ?
14) What is the name of the mine near Pontardawe in South Wales where several men tragically lost their lives ?
15) Which judge of Strictly Come Dancing criticized Blackpool ?
16) A law against praying in the streets of which capital city has been passed ?
17) Which two counties have been relegated to the second division of cricket’s county championship ?
18) Which occupation celebrated their 125th anniversary last week ?
19) Who received an honorary OBE for his work for dyslexic children ?
20) How many fewer MPs will there be in the House of Commons once boundaries have been redrawn ?
21) What topped the pole as the healthiest cartoon series of all ?
22) 8 hours of interviews with whom were made public last week ?
23) The Dahl family received criticism for launching an appeal to renovate the late writer’s hut. How much is the appeal for ?
24) Which former French presidential candidate was last week implicated in the bribes from Africa scandal ?
25) What was found in an art gallery in Berlin last week ?
26) Who said “ I am an elephant – not a monster “ ?
27) Which retailer removed ‘misogynistic ‘ T Shirts from sale following public pressure last week ?
28) Which dynasty of British monarchs feature on a set of Royal Mail stamps issued last week ?
29) The Heinz company have been told that they must alter the recipe of what ?
30) How many kicks did Johnny Wilkinson miss in the match against Argentina ?

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