Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Serves me right

- I suppose. More than once in this very blog I have rather disparagingly mentioned a quiz in Cardiff which has little else going for it other than a £100 cash prize. That's my opinion , anyway, although as always . . . Well, last night I knew that there was no quiz in the Pill Harriers Club in Newport just this once, and so I decided to give it a go. The thing was that I didn't actually get round to giving my son Mike and Ceri a ring about it until yesterday afternoon. The upshot was that we decided to go anyway, but it meant that I had to pick Ceri up from Cardiff, then we drove into Caerphilly to pick Mike up from work, then straight on to the quiz. Without ringing to find out if the quiz is on.

I think you can probably see where I'm going with this one. I dropped Mike and Ceri outside the pub while I went and parked the car. I needn't have bothered. As soon as they entered they were informed that the quiz was taking a summer break. To be fair to us there wasn't a summer break for the quiz this time last year, but still, that's what you get for slighting a quiz when you don't need it, then just dropping in and still expecting it to be free - sorry , I was channelling Gloria Gaynor there for a moment. Still, a summer break for the quiz - that's a little bit of a new one on me. Mind you , I can see why they wouldn't want to be giving away £100 on a summer night when many people are away on holiday , and lots of the students who often attend the quiz would be dispersed to other parts of the country.

Still, thinking about it that makes two wasted quiz journeys in the space of 5 days - by no means an enviable record, and certainly not one I wish to extend. Thinking about it the round trip probably worked out at about 60 miles all told, which I think is the longest wild goose chase I've done in pursuit of a quiz. Again, not a record I'm in any great hurry to improve upon.

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