Saturday, 20 August 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why were they in the news ?

1) Diana Nyad
2) Adam Scott
3) Lt. Cdr Sarah West
4) S and P ( Standard and Poor )
5) Lobsang Sangay
6) Shereka Leigh
7) Warren Jeffs
8) Kevin Anderson
9) Yamile Aldama
10) Mustafa Abdel Jalil
11) Howard Riddle
12) Azyraf Mossli
13) Monica Kancyk
14) Ghazanfar Ali
15) Alexis Bailey
16) Laura Johnson
17) Bay House School, Gosport
18) HTV-2 Falcon
19) Red necked phalarope
20) Shara Nelson
21) Geraldine Lynton Edwards
22) Charla Nash
23) Howard Johnson
24) Suzanne Harrison
25) Stephen Hopson
26) Aaron Bibner
27) Jonathan Knowle
28) Elijah McDermott
29) Liam Bretherton
30) Pretty Green
31) Steve Mullings
32) Dr. Jane Horsey
33) Tony Osborne
34) Rhiannon Brookesbank Jones
35) Don Wales

1) Attempting to swim between Cuba and USA without a shark cage
2) Golfer who won WGC Invitational, using Tiger Woods’ sacked caddie, Steve Williams
3) 1st woman to command a Royal Navy warship – HMS Portland
4) The ratings agency which downgraded the US credit rating from AAA to AA+
5) Took over the leadership of the Tibetan government in exile from the Dalai Lama
6) Woman filmed trying on looted shoes in Tottenham
7) American religious leader jailed for abusing girls
8) He beat Murray 6 – 3 , 6 – 1 in Canadian Masters
9) Which former Cuban triple jumper was selected for GB in the world athletic championships
10) Leader of the Libyan rebels
11) Judge who ruled Shrien Dewani can be extradited to South Africa
12) Malaysian student beaten and mugged when riding his bike
13) Woman from Poland who jumped from her burning first floor flat in Croydon
14) Man whose two sons were deliberately mown down by a hit and run driver in front of their mosque
15) Teaching assistant accused of looting in riots
16) Millionaire’s daughter accused of looting in riots
17) School which was hacked into and details of thousands of students and parents were stolen .
18) US hypersonic plane lost during test
19) Britain’s most endangered bird
20) Received court order after harassing DJ Pete Tong
21) She has become engaged to Michael Winner
22) Lady who received a face transplant after an attack by a chimp
23) Horseracing trainer who received a 4 year ban , who will now retire
24) Teacher who admitted sexual offences with student
25) London dentist who allegedly treated Gadaffi’s daughter Hana, years after she was believed killed
26) 89 year old whose barber shop was destroyed during the Tottenham riots
27) Jailed for 7 years for causing death by dangerous driving
28) Arrested in connection with the murder of Richard Mannington Bowes
29) Soldier accused of stealing a Les Paul guitar during the riots
30) Liam Gallagher’s clothes store raided during Manchester Riots
31) Jamaican no 3 sprinter who failed a drug test
32) GP to be struck off for biting a police officer
33) Solicitor crushed to death when his horse fell on top of him during a hunt
34) Had her tongue surgically lengthened to enable her to pronounce Korean more correctly
35) Grandson of Malcolm Campbell, attempting to break British land speed record for an electric car

In Other News
1) Whose government report says kids should all study maths until they are 18 ?
2) Where did the world’s longest guided busway open ?
3) What is being used as a temporary art gallery in Llafrynach, near Brecon ?
4) Abbotsbury swannery using what to keep out foxes ?
5) Most common foreign language needed for jobs in Britain ?
6) Soldiers from which regiment accused of cutting fingers from dead Taliban fighters as trophies
7) Whose flagship was found off the coast of Panama
8) Which 69 year old TV chef died ?
9) Who came in the third test for the injured Jonathan Trott ?
10) Which 74 year old racehorse trainer retired ?
11) Which journalist was beaten on his way home from reporting on the riots ?
12) An extra edition of which TV show was shown on August 11th
13) What did Connie Fisher announce ?
14) What washed up on the beach in Lynmouth ?
15) Flights were briefly grounded when a grenade was found near which airport ?
16) Newsweek courted controversy by featuring a cover photo with whom showing ‘staring eyes ‘ ?
17) Which anniversary did the Mr. Men have this week – who was the first Mr. Man ?
18) A test event in which sport took place in Horseguards Parade ?
19) Who performed a citizen’s arrest on a looter outside his Notting Hill home ?
20) Which celebrity chef was threatened at knife point in his own Manchester restaurant ?
21) Inmates in California jails have been banned from ?
22) Claimed on a spoof BBC news page ?
23) Who accused Cameron of violent repression of peaceful protestors ?
24) Which company announced that it will not show its latest advert which did feature scenes of rioting ?
25) Wales football team lost friendly to ?
26) Which welsh walk is number 3 in a list of the world’s top 10 walks ?
27) Which country launched their first ever aircraft carrier ?
28) Who was bowled in the first ball of the third test ?
29) Who shot a record equaling round of 63 in the first round of the USPGA ?
30) Who were the first Mr. Man and Little Miss ? The Mr. Men are 40 years old, and the little Misses 20.
31) Which landmark closes for restoration in October ?
32) What was the final total of Alastair Cook’s innings in the third test ?
33) Where will author Tony Parsons be taking up a week’s position as writer in residence ?
34) Which anniversary is being marked in Germany this weekend ?
35) In which state will prospective republican presidential candidates be taking part in a straw pole this weekend ?
38) Which 2 giant Japanese corporations are set to merge ?
39) Who announced plans for a free wi – fi network ?
40) Which MP made a gaffe by asking why rioting children and teenagers weren’t in school ?
41) Which Tottenham’s league fixture against whom was postponed due to the riots ?
42) Which magazine apologized after slimming down a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge ?
43) Which 10 year old BBC drama is to come to an end ?
44) Which part of Rory McIlroy’s body did he injure in the first round of the USPGA ?
45) Spain has won the right to stop any more workers from which country entering Spain ?

1) Carol Vorderman
2) Huntingdon to Trumpington ( Cambridgeshire ) 13 . 3 miles
3) Red phone box
4) Playing radio 4 very loud
5) German
6) Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
7) Henry Morgan
8) Michael Barry (Bukht)
9) Ravi Bopara
10)Barry Hills
11)Andrew Gilligan
12)Question Time
13)She can no longer sing Sound of Music because of a voice condition
14)A 40 ft fin whale
16)Michelle Bachman
17)Forty years – Mr. Tickle
18)Beach Volleyball
19)Dan snow
20)Simon Rimmer
21)Using Facebook
22)Gordon Brown had an affair with Ann Widdecombe
23)Colonel Gaddaffi
26)Pembrokeshire Coast Path
28)Verinder Sehwag
29)Steve Stricker
30)Mr. Tickle – Little Miss Bossy
31)The Statue of Liberty
33)Heathrow Airport
34)The building of the Berlin Wall
38)Hitachi and Mitsubishi
40)Hazel Blears
44)His wrist

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