Saturday, 13 August 2011

Answers to News Questions

OK – here’s the answers
Who or what are the following, and why are they in the news ?

1) Reverend Neil Carter
2) Liam Tancock
3) Colin Atkinson
4) David Mackay
5) Glynn and Gregor Morris
6) Jim Devine
7) Chai Patel
8) Hayley Wilkins
9) Michael Whitaker
10) Shem Davies
11) Hama
12) Francesca Ariani
13) Jake Davies
14) Ched Evans
15) Abigail Bannatyne
16) Dealz
17) Madeleine Pulver
18) Jose Manuel Borroso
19) The White Shadow
20) Shaun Evans
21) Sean Price
22) Major General Keith Cima
23) Rhys Priestland
24) Myrtle Rose
25) Bill Bratton
26) Mark Duggan
27) Pauline Whitehouse
28) Muifa
29) Rick Perry
30) Alastair Brownlee and Helen Jenkins


1) He performed Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s marriage ceremony
2) Won gold in the world 50m swimming championships
3) He claimed he was mistreated at work for putting up a palm cross in his van .
4) Chief pilot for Virgin Galactic, which begin sub orbital commercial flights in 2013
5) Gregor Morris is autistic and they were thrown out of a West end performance of “Wicked” for being too loud
6) Expenses fraud MP let out after 4 months in prison
7) Big donor to the Labour Party who has asked for his money back
8) Fraudster who dodged Community Service in a charity shop by complaining of a bad bask
9) Showjumper arrested by police after fracas at Copthorne Hotel, Gatwick
10) Britain’s youngest grandfather, at 29 years old – unemployed
11) Syrian city in which tanks committed atrocities
12) Italian waitress whom David Cameron did not tip
13) Hacker from Shetland alleged to have hacked into SOCO
14) Welsh footballer charged with rape.
15) Daughter of Duncan Bannatyne – death threats on Twitter
16) The name of Poundland’s new European stores
17) The Australian girl who was told she had a bomb collar on – hoax
18) President of the European Commission
19) Early Hitchcock film rediscovered in New Zealand
20) He will be playing Morse in the prequel series to be called “Endeavour”
21) Chief Constable of Cleveland who was arrested as part of a corruption investigation.
22) The sacked former chief of The Tower of London
23) Stepped in as fly half for Wales v. England at short notice
24) 75 year old pilot who flew into restricted airspace and was investigated by F16 fighter planes during Obama visit to Chicago.
25) American supercop wanted as Met Chief Constable by Cameron but rejected by Theresa May
26) The man who was shot dead in Tottenham
27) 53 year old woman asked to leave a Morrison’s store when suffering from a stroke
28) Typhoon which failed to hit Shanghai
29) Governor of Texas who publicly prayed for deliverance from America’s woes
30) Winners of Hyde park Olympic Rehearsal triathlon

In other news

1) Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix ?
2) Name the other teams in England’s World Cup Qualifying group
3) The indian cricket team showed great sportsmanship over which England batsman’s dismissal as he walked off for the tea interval ?
4) Which part of Windsor Castle has just been reopened to the public ?
5) Who criticized modern comedians for being too offensive ?
6) Who have been criticized for being shown parking electric cars in disabled parking bays ?
7) 2nd August is the 150th anniversary of the first published what ?
8) Who finally took the blame for the ‘no hurricane’ prediction of 1987 ?
9) 2nd August – a group of illegal immigrants were apprehended trying to enter UK having stowed away in what ?
10) Who took 5 wickets in the Indian second innings of the second test ?
11) What was the name of the film actor grandfather of Toby Flood ?
12) Which footballer will be given a free transfer to anyone who will take him ?
13) Where did a plane belonging to which airline fall off the runway, with nobody seriously hurt ?
14) IN an LA Fitness survey, who were the best bodies – women – men ?
15) Who was Mike Tindall’s best man ?
16) Which department store have introduced their triple boost bra ?
17) Who is joining the TV series Family Guy – to play a dolphin ?
18) Who sang Happy Birthday to barack Obama on his 50th ?
19) Which country has created its own brand scent ?
20) Which TV Presenter was hit by a foam pie ?
21) Scientists claim to have found what on Mars ?
22) Which former world champion was in court accused of attacking her former husband ?
23) Who is the new manager of Brentford FC ?
24) Heather Mills claimed that she has been hacked by which newspaper ?
25) Which team did Fulham beat in the qualifiers for the Europa League ?
26) Which team knocked Rangers out of the European Champions League ?
27) Which Leicester centre made his debut for England RFU v. Wales ?
28) From which country is Noriega being extradited to his native Panama ?
29) Which films tar is facing eviction from her home in New York ?
30) Which Holiday firm went bust, stranding holiday makers in Turkey particularly ?
31) ON which island did the polar bear attack happen
32) Who crashed his Mclaren F1 sports car ?
33) Which company have been given provisional permission to drill for oil in the Beaufort Sea ?
34) The Bratz toy doll company won $309 million damages from whom ?
35) Who was taken to hospital after having a pizza thrown in his eye by Sooty ?
36) Which 73 year old novelist died ?
37) What is the venue for this year’s USPGA ?
38) Which horse racing competition pitted teams from Ireland , The UK, and the Rest of the World ?
39) Score – England v. Wales at Twickenham ?
40) A man was shot dead by police near which station in London ?
41) What celebrated its 20th anniversary on 7th August ?
42) Where were Victorian beachhuts destroyed in an arson attack ?
43) Which town is making its own Hollywood style walk of fame ?
44) Which of his sponsors have announced that they have just ended their association with Tiger Woods ?
45) What was the final score in the Community Shield ?
46) Which team did Leeds beat in their Challenge Cup semi final ?
47) Which team did Wigan beat in their Challenge Cup semi final ?


1) Jenson Button
2) Moldova- Montenegro – Poland – San Marino – Ukraine
3) Ian Bell
4) The Round Tower
5) Ronnie Corbett
6) James May and Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear
7) Weather Forecast
8) Bill Giles
9) Wheelie Bins
10) Tim Bresnan
11) Albert Lievin
12) Joey Barton
13) Guyana – Caribbean Airways
14) Helen Mirrne – David Beckham
15) Ian Balshaw
16) Debenhams
17) Ricky Gervais
18) Jennifer Hudson
19) Lithuania
20) Fiona Bruce
21) Streams of Water
22) Liz McColgan
23) Uwe Rosler
24) The Daily Mirror
25) RNK Split
26) Malmo
27) Manu Tuilagi
28) France
29) Faye Dunaway
30) Holidays 4U
31) Spitzbergen / Svalbard
32) Rowan Atkinson
33) Shell
34) Mattel (Barbie)
35) Paul Daniels
36) Stan Barstow
37) Atlanta Athletic club
38) The Shergar Cup at Ascot
39) 23 – 29 to England
40) Tottenham Hale
41) The World Wide Web
42) Weymouth
43) Maidenhead
44) Tag Heuer
45) Manchester United 3 – Manchester City – 2
46) Castleford
47) St. Helens

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