Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Answers to News Questions

Who or what are the following, and why have they been in the news ?

1) Matthew James
2) Monica Kancyk
3) The Adonis Kebab House
4) Lambok
5) Keegan Bradley
6) Jason Dufner
7) David Starkey
8) Tom Condliff
9) Damian Raszowski
10) Mavj Halai
11) The Judgement
12) Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan
13) Nancy Atkinson – Turner
14) Julia High
15) Cranbrook
16) Paul ‘Doug’ Peters
17) Exponent
18) Jeggings – sexting – mankini
19) Ahla Arbid
20) Mungo
21) Simon Richardson
22) Alex James
23) Frederic Piquianne
24) Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino
25) Christine O’Donnell
26) James Desborough
27) Bob Frost
28) Jamie Henderson
29) Ursula Nevin
30) Nayyar Robinson
31) Paul and Jacqueline Charles
32) Yvonne

In Other News

1) Which politician won last week’s straw poll in Iowa ?
2) Who won the Olympic test cycle race last week ?
3) In which London station did the fair fares demo take place ?
4) Which board released A Level results a week early by mistake ?
5) Why did the Bluebird electric car fail to break the record ?
6) Which company announced that it will not show adverts which show scenes that look like rioting ?
7) Why was the Worthing Birdman competition held back for a day or two ?
8) Which player suffered a suspected broken arm in the Wales v. England rugby match at Cardiff ?
9) Who won the Olympic test regatta event in the Finn class at Weymouth ?
10) Which teams new to the Premier league were beaten by Bolton, and Man City respectively ?
11) What is the name of Kate Hudson’s baby son ?
12) What did Gordon Ramsay call Prince William on Jay Leno’s show ?
13) Which racing trainer was ordered to pay compensation to a sacked stable girl last week ?
14) Which actress complained last week of roles going to reality TV stars ?
15) What is going to be reduced by 4 or 5 inches ?
16) Which football manager was banned from driving for 18 months for drink driving ?
17) Who announced that she is resuming her recording career at the age of 87 ?
18) Britain’s longest lasting student sit in is to end at which University ?
19) What finally went online and received 22 million hits in one day ?
20) Who was banned from driving when he made a joke to the police when he was caught speeding?
21) What was set up by pranksters on the roof of the barn of Carla Lane’s animal sanctuary ?
22) The Harbour Bookstore in Dartmouth is to close after 60 years. By whom was it founded ?
23) David Miliband has revealed that he has been mocked for taking his family where on holiday ?
24) Which is the top selling celebrity scent ?
25) Which book is celebrating its 100th anniversary ?
26) Dartford in Kent are playing classical music in certain places to deter graffiti artists. Which composer’s music do they say is the most effective deterrent ?
27) Pensioner Graham Smith foiled an armed robbery by William Hayton in Speelhurst, Kent, by hitting him with a carrier bag containing what ?
28) Which film star urinated on the floor during a flight from Paris to Dublin ?
29) Holiday makers were warned not to swim with dolphins off the coast of Cornwall. Why ?
30) The Pope’s visit to Spain is part of which festival ?
31) Stages collapsed in two events last week – the state fair in which state of the US, and the Pukkelpop festival in which country ?
32) Which spanish chain are being investigated over claims of using child labour in Brazil ?
33) Builders have begun work on a memorial to Bomber Command – where ?
34) Which clubs were played in the Europa league by Spurs – Fulham – Stoke – Birmingham ?
35) In the 4th test, how many runs were scored in a massive 3rd wicket partnership between Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen ?
36) Hewlett Packard announced that they are scrapping their rival to the ipad – what is it called ?
37) On which island was Ian Redmond tragically killed in a shark attack while on honeymoon ?
38) Police in mid Wales issued warnings when big cats were seen near which Welsh town ?
39) What was the percentage of passes in this year’s A Levels ?
40) Vince Wilkins in the USA is currently suing for the rights to which disco classic ?
41) Who is suing Noel Gallagher for libel ?
42) Which Johnny Depp film has been put on hold by Disney because costs are rising too much ?

Who or what
1) He offered advertising space to Mercedes on his prosthetic arm. They bought the latest state of the art limb for him as a reward for his enterprise in writing to them.
2) The polish lady photographed jumping from her blazing building during the Croydon riot
3) Restaurant at the centre of the Cardiff E coli outbreak
4) Furniture chain which has gone into administration
5) Winner of the USPGA at first attempt at major
6) Lost USPGA in play off
7) Criticised for racist comments, saying that the riots have proven Enoch Powell’s Rivers of Blood speech right.
8) He won his court case for NHS surgery to fit a gastric band
9) Labourer who has been accused of carrying out the knife murders on st. Helier
10) Jailed last week for faking a robbery at his post office
11) Rembrandt drawing snatched from LA Ritz Carlton hotel
12) Both were jailed for 4 years for inciting riots on Facebook – there has been outcry in some circles regarding the severity of the sentences
13) Her blog post on being wrongly accused of stealing a bottle of shampoo from Tesco on Hayling island has become an internet hit
14) Her house was invaded by Romanian gypsies while she was away for the night at the Proms.
15) Officially the worst place in Britain for internet broadband speed
16) Accused over the Madeleine Pulver neck collar bomb hoax
17) Company BBC has sold many of its publications, including the Radio Times to
18) All have been included in the OED for the first time
19) She claimed her former boyfriend’s new wife was carrying a bomb into the UK
20) Ship which ran aground, blocking the entrance to Littlehampton harbor
21) Paralympic Gold Medal cyclist from Porthcawl knocked off bike by hit and run driver, and now seriously ill in hospital
22) Former member of Blur, now making and selling cheese to Asda
23) West Ham footballer caught flytipping
24) Reality TV star from Jersey Shore who has been offered money by Abercrombie and Fitch not to wear their clothes
25) US Politician who stormed off Piers Morgan’s TV show when she claimed he was being rude
26) Former News of the World US editor who has been arrested last week
27) Tory councilor in Dover suspended for calling rioters ‘jungle bunnies’ on Facebook
28) Headteacher struck off for watching porn on his school laptop
29) First rioter to have a jail sentence reduced to community service on appeal
30) Struck off for changing hospital records to cover up failure to call a doctor for a dying stroke patient
31) Tragic couple who died when their car went off Culver Cliff on the Isle of Wight
32) A german cow who has become a celebrity in Germany after going missing from her farm.

In Other News

1) Michelle Bachmann
2) Mark Cavendish
3) Waterloo Station
4) Edexcel
5) Its suspension was smashed by a pothole on Pendine Sands
6) Levi
7) It was too windy
8) Gavin Henson
9) Ben Ainslie
10) QPR - Swansea
11) Bingham
12) A ‘little bastard’
13) John Gosden
14) Amanda Redman
15) Beecher’s Brook in Aintree racecourse
16) Steve Kean
17) Doris Day
18) Glasgow University
19) Pottermore
20) Jim Davidson
21) A Big McDonald’s M
22) Christopher Robin Milne
23) Centre Parcs in Provence
24) Beyonce – Heat
25) The Oxford English Dictionary
26) Gustav Mahler
27) An Iceberg lettuce
28) Gerard Depardieu
29) Because they have potentially harmful Brucella Ceti bacteria
30) World Youth Day
31) Indiana – Belgium
32) Zara
33) Green Park
34) Hearts – Dnipro – FC Thun – Nacional
35) 350
36) HP Touchpad
37) Praslin Island in the Seychelles
38) Hay on Wye
39) 97.8%
40) YMCA
41) Liam Gallagher
42) The Lone Ranger

There you go. I've been away for the last ten days or so, and its going to take me a while to catch up on all the news since I've been away, so it might be a week or so before I post any more questions. Don't panic, though, it will be back.

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