Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Doesn't time fly ? 3rd Anniversary.

Do you know, it's shaming to me to admit it, but I quite forgot that the 27th, last week, was actually the 3rd anniversary of LAM ! Quite remiss of me. Well, I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow morning, so going out on the razz tonight ( which to be honest isn't really 'me' at all ) is not an option. So all I can do is to apologise, raise a metaphorical glass, and thank all readers and contributors who continue to make the blog such an enjoyable thing to do.

Many, many sincere thanks to all of you.


DanielFullard said...

Nice one Dave! Keep up the good work! Always enjoy reading the blog.

Hego said...

Congratulations Dave, and thanks. I look forward to reading your Mastermind pieces after every episode.

paulphi said...

Happy belated anniversary Dave.I've followed your blog/site for at least two of those years and have always found it entertaining and interesting.Here's to the next x number of years.Great work!

(PS.I'd also like to thank-you for your support of my blog/site too).


Londinius said...

Thanks guys !