Thursday, 14 July 2011

Quiz Trippers - take 4

And so to Edinburgh, and the 4th quiz of the week. I kept an eye out for our own Brian Pendreigh, and I wasn’t disappointed. More of that after.

The quiz was presented by Dr. Paul, a self-effacing, shy and retiring sort who, according to Biggins, describes himself as Scotland’s top quiz master. Of his own quiz Dr. Paul said “ I wouldn’t say it’s the best quiz in the world. . . “ You said a mouthful there, Doc. Then he went and spoiled it before saying that some people have described it in this way. Oh well, you pays yer money and you takes yer choc ice. Once again we were in the land of the gimmick. Themed rounds, guessing questions, anagrams, etc. All well and good if you like that sort of thing.

Well, I spoiled the show yesterday for those who hadn’t seen it already, and I warn you again not to read any further if you haven’t seen it yourself. Right, well, having Brian Pendreigh playing against them my hopes were never high for Harvey’s Angels, and they finished well down the table, in 7th place if I’m not much mistaken. Tempers again were a little frayed, but believe me, I’ve seen much worse in the flesh in my time in teams I’ve played for and against. What was a bit naughty was not showing us who actually won. Once we saw other teams jeering at the Angels after they were announced in 7th place we cut away immediately, and that was a bit of a swizz. So Brian , if you’re reading, can you put us all out of your misery ? Did you win ?

BTW - I'm off on a school trip tonight - Normandy - Paris - Parc Asterix . Its a dirty job but someone has to do it , so I'll be neglecting you until Monday , I'm afraid. Work is the curse of the quizzing classes.


bj said...

Hi Dave, yes, we did win, one of those nights where things went really well for us. My team was The Dude Abides. We had a healthy lead when you last saw the scoreboard, but they pretty much gave up on reporting the other teams when it became apparent Harvey's Angels weren't going to win. I had been making a token effort not to tell people the result. So much for that. It is a quiz aimed at non-quizzerrs, but they did cut out a few trickier questions we knew and Harvey's Wallbangers got wrong. They also didn't know Mr Darcy's surname - that was the missing question in the round where all answers began with F. I really like Kevin and there is some truth in his assertion that the 50-50 round really is, well, 50-50, except we did actually know most of them. I think one in five in Scotland is a ginge, it is 1 in 20 (of the top of my head) for lefties.

bj said...

And our two young guys managed to get Fat Man Scoop between them.

bj said...

One more and... not sure you saw my son, but that was him chipping in with the Blades of Glory answer in the anagram round.

Another Anne said...

Have fun in France, David. I hope you haven't seen Final Destination. 'Nous allons en France, mes enfants!' KABOOM!

DanielFullard said...

Pretty much agree with the sentiments there........And have a fun trip to France!

Paul Diamond said...

Yo! Dr Paul speaking.

Naturally they cut all my cool chat down to one wee wanker soundbite and then brutally cut out all the tremendous fun from our quiz night to create the finished product.

I wasn't at the front of the queue when then were handing out modesty but my quiz is completely brilliant and you're welcome to try whenever you're in Edinburgh. boom!

On the subject of 50/50 questions. My opening round is always 50/50 questions. The slight randomness of the outcomes mean that better teams sometimes have to fight back rather than just sailing into a huge lead right form the word go.

As I'm hired by pubs to make it busy, such techniques help to hold everyones' interest longer and create a win-win.

My quiz is more along the entertainment end of the quiz spectrum but you'll still find that better teams usually fare better (Brian is usually top two or three when he shows up), its just not quite the walkover it is at other folks' quizzes.

Londinius said...

Hi Brian

I thought so. To be fair to you , you have never given away the result of the quiz before the show, for which many thanks.

Hi Anne and Daniel - thanks, lovely time had by all. Weather let us down a little, but still a great trip - 3 days in which we 'did' Bayeux, Paris and Parc Asterix. Not everyone's tasse de the, but I love it.

Hi Paul ( or may I call you Dr. ? ) and many thanks for taking the time and trouble to leave a comment on LAM.
I'll break the habit of a lifetime and apologise for the flippant tone of my post, and promise faithfully that , if I am ever in Edinburgh, I'll come and give you all the satisfaction of beating me. No plans at the present, but my Clark family originally hails from Dundee, and I still have relatives in Newport on Tay who are overdue a visit. Edinburgh's not so very far away . . .

Thanks for dropping by