Saturday, 2 July 2011

News Questions

The latest set of news questions, then.

Who or what are : -

Christine Lagarde

Brown Panther

Kelsey Donkin

Heidi Withers and Carolyn Bourne

Luke Yeomans

Carson Yeung

Craig Thomson

Ugo Monye

Jeffrey Warren

Daniel Tredinick

Charlene Wittstock

Treasure Beach

David Lewis

Sergeant Ian Craven

Johann Hari

Reem Haddad

Declan Spencer

Ladislav Stojka

Jasmine Orieta

Danilo Restivo

Liam Broady

Isabelle Campbell

Hermann Fuster

Abby Clancy

Kia Abdullah

Tobias Baker

Jamie Hince

Lord Hanningfield

Robin Ticciati

Which European country has banned kosher and halal slaughter ?

Plans for a new Monty Python film were announced last week. What will it be called ?

Britain’s newest motorway opened last week. Where and what is it ?

Which became the 6th US state to legalise same sex marriage last week ?

A statue of whom is due to be unveiled in Grosvenor Square ?

Which cathedral has plans to be the first English cathedral to use solar panels ?

Petitions have been raised for a new road sign to warn of what ?

Which I,Claudius actress passed away last week ?

The last Blue Peter from London has been broadcast. From where will it be broadcast in future ?

Which Cornish estuary was struck by tidal waves ?

Which pop performer has been participated in the acquisition of MySpace ?

Which company acquired all the assets of Jane Norman ?

How much did Lady Thatcher’s handbag fetch at auction last week ?

Now that Greece has voted through a range of spending cuts, how much aid will they receive ?

Plans were announced to ask voters to give what detail before they will be allowed to vote ?

Which famous Italian beach is due to be opened to the general public ?

Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow was rapped after tweeting that which retailer were ‘going under’

In a poll by QVC – who was voted the most beautiful British woman of all time ?

What can you buy in a new vending machine in the Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush ?

Why were the nuclear reactors shut down in the power station in Torness, East Lothian ?

The world’s longest sea bridge opened where ? How long is it ?

Which country announced that all of its nuclear power stations will be shut down by 2022 ?

What has been announced to be the current population of the UK ?

Last week flights in JFK airport were disrupted because of what on the runway ?

Which online gambling site was suspended in the Channel Islands, where it is registered ?

Health officials in India are offering cars and motorcycles as incentives for men to volunteer for what ?

A survey has found that women with which size feet are the most attractive to men ?

Princess Beatrice received a 2:1 degree last week. From where , and in what ?

Who wrote the folk opera “Dr. Dee” about Elizabethan Dr. John Dee, which was premiered last week ?

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