Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Quiz Trippers 2

Well, it seems like my wish has been granted. In my post about yesterday’s first episode of “Quiz Trippers” I did express a hope that we’d get to see them play in what I would class as a bog standard ordinary pub quiz. Now, granted that we don’t get to see all of the questions being asked, the quiz we saw tonight certainly was a lot better than bog standard, but it was more of what I tend to think of as a general quiz – several rounds of general knowledge, a few tricky bouncers, but enough old stagers to keep you going.

Tonight’s quiz was in Aviemore, Scotland’s mecca for skiers, I believe. It looked as if it was wily old fox Kevin who spotted that the question
“How many hands in total does Big Ben have ? “ was a trick, since Big Ben is the name of the bell, and not actually the name of the clock. As the quiz went on it was obvious that our team were doing a lot better tonight than in last night’s , and hardly surprising. Alan came a lot more to the fore, although I noticed that bully boy Biggins, who I always thought was so nice before, was still picking on Jen when she came up with a wrong answer for the name of the part of a sundial that casts the shadow.

The brewing row between Aud and Lauren came more to the fore by the end of the show. Again, we’re at the mercy of the editors and the producers of the show as to what we actually see, and what we don’t, but it certainly looked as if for part of the quiz Lauren was at the bar – possibly chatting up/being chatted up by the barman while some of the questions were being asked. This raises an interesting question of etiquette – namely, how do you react if teammates are giving their attention elsewhere than on the questions in hand ? I am sorry to admit that in my case the answer would be – as long as I know the answer I don’t care, but if I don’t know the answer, then where the hell were you ? - .

If you haven’t seen the show, then I won’t spoil the outcome of the quiz. However it did involve a tie break. That was an interesting one as well, for the question master forsook the usual – the answer is a number, and if neither of you get it spot on, then the closest one wins – format, for a straight question. Presumably they would have gone on and one until one or other got one wrong, however many questions it took.

You had my first impressions last night. Second impressions are that the team aren’t dreadful by any means – decent without being world beaters. There certainly seems to be quite a gap in terms of ability and dare I say it , experience between some of the team members, but then that was always going to be the case in a show where personalities – especially personalities likely to provoke a reaction in the viewer – are probably more important than other considerations. Also, as my friend Brian Pendreigh pointed out in response to yesterday's review, even for really good teams, as opposed to decent teams, it really isn’t as easy as you might think going to a place you’ve never been before, and taking on the local champs on their own turf. Witness Trevor Montague’s Dream Team – allegedly one of the inspirations behind the series Eggheads. If you’re not aware of this, then you can check out an amusing article from 2002 in the Guardian all about it if you click on this link : -
Dream Team

Well, I’m enjoying the series anyway, and will continue to watch tomorrow.


bj said...

I think the quizmaster must have saved up those trick/tricky questions... Big Ben - bell not a clock, Mel Gibson - born in US,not Oz, Last Prime Minister without a wife - not Heath, but Thatcher. Certainly I had had them all before. (And I wrote Gibson's biography, went to the Oscars when Braveheart won and to his party afterwards - couldn't help dropping that in.)

Londinius said...

Hi Brian


I will NEVER, EVER try to take you on in a game of name-dropping !
( Joking aside, I am incredibly impressed, and jealous. )

With regards to the 'trick' questions, they were all good old tricks, which the experienced hands would have known - I'm suprised they didn't get the Mel Gibson one - but the occasional players wouldn't. I won't lie, I would have fancied my chances in the particular quiz.