Thursday, 21 July 2011

News Questions

Well, here we are again, and a lot to catch up on due to my absence last weekend. So we’d best get cracking –

Who or what are : -

Broadfield Industrial Estate Boston

Jaycee Dugard

Philip Pook

Steve Williams

Mark Smith

Lucy Harris

Hina Rabbani Khar

Sean Hoare

Colin and Chris Weir


Harold Jones of Brecon

Tim Godwin

John Allen

Brian Fields of Hessle

Clare Evans

Malcolm Hughes

John Whittingdale MP

Tom Pellereau

Tom Lewis

Steve Tasker

Johnnie Marbles

Richard Parks

Anthony Harman

Freddie Ratliff

Angie Scoular

Goran Hadzic

Oscar Pistorius

Rebecca Leighton

Secret of the Unicorn

Glen Mulcaire

What is the top name for both cats and dogs in the UK ?

What are being used to bait mosquito traps in Tanzania ?

Springbok Captain John Smit has joined which club ?

Wales are currently ranked immediately below whom in FIFAs international rankings ?

Which grandson of King George V died last week ?

Which welsh town has asked for more traffic wardens ?

Which is the world’s most expensive city based on the cost of living for ex-pats ?

Which premier league footballer was convicted of driving at 107mph, yet not banned ?

For which club has Jonathan Woodgate signed ?

Which strategically important town has been captured by Libyan rebels ?

To which team did Bangor City lose in the Champions League ?

Who is the captain of the Indian cricket team ?

Which country has introduced a controversial carbon tax ?

In a survey what emerged as Britons’ top holiday hate ?

What was the nationality of the 5 men killed in the illegal brewing explosion ?

Shay Given has moved from which team to which other ?

Zahi Hawass has been sacked. What was his job ?

With which club has the off again on again off again transfer saga with Man City’s Tevez run ?

Which is the first Afghan province handed over to Afghan security forces by NATO ?

Jane Fonda’s appearance on what was cancelled due to their lingering resentment over her political activism over the Vietnam War ?

Chine were enraged about who meeting whom ?

Which is the UK’s top college for degree results ?

Who beat whom in the women’s football world cup final ?

What was the name of JK Rowling’s childhood home, put up for sale ?

Name the Cornish animation company which collaborated on Jungle Junction ?

Which Olympic athlete was in court last week over driving charges ?

What is the unusual phobia that Rebecca Adlington confessed to having last week ?

Which radio 1 DJ angered deaf people with her uncomplimentary tweets about film subtitles ?

Who said that he feels that he is past his sell by date ?

What is the name of the News International Lawyers who also represent the Royals in various capacities?

Who is the first British competitor to qualify for the London Olympics ?

A website has been created asking ordinary Americans to make donations for the building of what ?

To whom or what has Darren Clarke donated his Open Winner’s gold medal ?

Which actor has a suspected case of DVT after filming “The Hobbit” in New Zealand ?

Who is leading the High Court challenge to the library closures in the London Borough of Brent ?


DanielFullard said...

Would you email me the answers over David please.....a few I am stuck on

DanielFullard said...

Sorry is my email

Londinius said...

Hi Daniel - I'll do that now