Monday, 11 July 2011

News Questions

The latest set of news questions, then.

Who or what are : -
Carole Annett

Tristane Banon


Edna Beck

Sir Nicholas Bratza

Roland Bunce

Andrew Castle

Clone Sister

Stephen Lee Davies

Chris Ferguson

Mark Gawley

Mary Anne Goosen

Anthony Harrison

Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

Tatsuya Ichihashi


Christopher Little

Michael Lyons

Joel Maunder

Emily Morton



Harbhajan Singh

Katherine Thomas

Mark Upton

Justin Wright

Which athlete broke the british long jump record ?

Who did GB play in their latest David Cup match ?

Who was dropped from the England cricket team for the deciding one day international against Sri Lanka ?

How old was Betty Ford, who passed away last week ?

What did the Austrian town of Brennau finally get around to doing ?

Which company recalled a model of fridge freezer, several months after faults leading to fire hazards were originally highlighted ?

Sony announced that it will cease production of what in September ?

Which injury forced Bradley Wiggins to retire from the tour de France ?

Which was the first company to remove all of its advertising from British News International Papers ?

In the women’s world cup ( football ) which team did England face in the quarter finals ?

Pilots from which airline have decide not to strike ?

Which actress announced that she will be leaving the cast of Eastenders later this year ?

How many independent nations are there now that South Sudan has become independent ? ( according to the Independent )

Which area in Canada, devastated by wildfire, was visited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ?

How many years has the News of the World been published ?

Which man is the new face of L’Oreal ?

In which country is Dadaab refugee camp ?

The world’s first synthetic organ transplant took place. Which organ , and where did it happen ?

What is the first single to sell 1 million this decade ?

The pre Olympic Three Day Event took place in which London Venue this week ?

Which company spilled 1000 barrels of oil into Yellowstone River, Montana ?

Bryn Teg Comprehensive school in Bridgend made the papers last week when a £100,000 footpath was built between the school and where ?

Who was paid by a consultancy firm to enhance Gadaffi’s image ?

Which organization launched their own retail brand ?

Which actor announced that he has gone teetotal ?

In a MORI poll who were voted – a) most capable – b) most likeable – and c) worst recent prime ministers ?

Which British rider held the tour de France White jersey until Friday 8th July ?

Facebook announced that it now has how many users worldwide ?

A great white spot caused by a storm has appeared on which planet ?

The British Medical Journal has blamed what for infidelity, unsafe sex, and divorce ?

What is the codename for the Met Police investigation of the claims that journalists from the News of the World paid police officers for information ?

ON the Forbes list who is the highest paid film actress in the world ?

Which is the first West End/Broadway musical to be translated into chinese, and appear in Shanghai ?

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