Sunday, 19 September 2010

So You Think You're Too Serious About Quizzes ?

If you quiz at all regularly, and you start to get a tiny bit of success you do run the risk of having people think you take it all too seriously. But do you ? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a foolproof way of finding out whether you have passed beyond the boundary separating the merely serious from the totally obsessed ? Well, now there is a way ! The good people ( alright, me ) at LAM bring you our guaranteed , easy to use multiple choice personality test. These ten foolproof questions will tell you all you need to know about yourself as a quizzer. Ready ? Then lets go !

1) Which TV catchphrase best describes your usual performance in a quiz ? Is it : -
a) Didn’t he do well !
b) I’ve started so I’ll finish
c) You leave with nothing
d) Phone a friend

2) What do your friends say about your quizzing ? Do they say you are : -
a) A genius
b) A nerd
c) Sad
d) What friends ?

3) When you hear a question , and you don’t know the answer , do you :-
a) Give an answer, and deny you said it when its wrong
b) Guess
c) Pass
d) Pass water

4) When your team suggests you write down the answers one evening, how do you react ? Do you : -
a) Grab the pen off them before they change their mind
b) Modestly refuse, then change your mind before they change theirs
c) Cry off, pleading writer’s cramp
d) Cry off, pleading another sort of cramp

5) If your team has no answer to a question , and you overhear another team’s answer, do you : -
a) Pretend you didn’t hear it, since it wasn’t your team’s answer in the first place
b) Tell the team how you got the answer, and do what the majority want to do with it
c) Write it down guiltily
d) Ask the other team to repeat their answer

6) If another team beats you, how do you react ? Do you : -
a) Congratulate them
b) Make excuses
c) Sulk
d) We never get beaten, its just that some teams score more points than we do

7) How do you react when you hear a question master give an obviously wrong answer ? Do you : -
a) Grin and bear it, then vow never to return
b) Have a quiet word with him later, then vow never to return
c) Call him all the names under the sun
d) Call the Samaritans

8) What would you say is your weakest subject ? Is it : -
a) Nuclear Physics
b) Food and Drink
c) General Knowledge
d) Kylie Minogue

9) Who do you think you most resemble when you’re in a quiz ? Is it : -
a) Kevin Ashman
b) Kevin Keegan
c) Kevin Turvey
d) Kevin the Gerbil

10) If you became a Chaser on ITV’s The Chase, what would be your most appropriate Chaser nickname. Is it : -
a) The Terminator
b) The Master
c) Kylie Minogue
d) Tinky Winky

Well there it is. How did you do ? Oh, the scores ? Never mind about that. Simply from the fact that you have taken the quiz I can tell you that you do not take quizzes too seriously. If you did, then you’d be far too busy actually taking part in a quiz, or learning stuff for one, to be wasting your time with it. Congratulations !

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