Friday, 24 September 2010

Congratulations to Clive and the Boys

I don’t know if you watch Eggheads regularly , or if you’re a casual viewer who just happened to see it yesterday, but if you did you’ll have seen a team called Scrum 5 win £14,000. The team are all from the Taibach Rugby Club, and the player who went straight through to the final without playing a head to head was none other than Clive, who sets the quiz in the Aberavon Rugby club from time to time, and plays in the quiz pretty much every week.

The team put on a frankly amazing performance. First they took out Daphne. Then they took out Chris. They also accounted for Barry, with only Pat managing to win his head to head. So the 4 remaining members of the team took on Pat and Judith in the final, and won 3 – 2. Brilliant performance lads, Port Talbot is proud of you.

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