Thursday, 16 September 2010

Puzzle Questions from University Challenge - The First 40 Years

By popular demand here are the questions from the book's University Challenge Puzzle

1)Who in 1805 askd for the map to be rolled up ?
2) Who had his back to the wall in 1918 ?
3) Which dead language became official by a constitution of 1950 ?
4) Look to windward - wasn't that George III ?
5) Which Maths teacher was in his element ?
6) What steadies the stream's current ?
7) How do you measure where thy father lies ?
8) Another name for the fennecus zerda ?
9) What kind of record could be called a 78 ?
10) What borders I,W,C,A and N, touching NM at the SE ?
11) Daphne ? Don't lets ask

The eleven answer give you what you need to solve the puzzle. If you missed the comments where these werebrought up, we have some of the answers, but nothing like enough of them. Likewise, if you know whether the winner was actually announced on the show in years gone by, we'd love to know.


Oli said...

My first thought on question 4 was to look to the Windward Islands (either that or the 'Death by Water' section from T. S. Eliot's *The Waste Land*). The capital of Grenada, one of the Windward Islands, is St. George's. I may be wrong, but I think I heard somewhere that it was named after George III.


Anonymous said...

5) Euclid?

10) U for Utah, assuming M is a typo for N.

Andrew B. said...
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Londinius said...

Sorry about the typo - has been duly corrected. Thanks


segundus said...

4) Tahiti, in the Windward group of the Society Islands used to be called George III

Anonymous said...

7. In fathoms. Full fathom 5 to be exact :-)