Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mastermind New Series

Yes, even in the sun drenched province of Valencia, vigilant Dave is ever alert to news of our favourite quizzes. This is very good news. The new series of Mastermind begins, unless I'm much mistaken, next week, on Friday for most regions, although as per usual God alone knows when BBC Wales will get around to showing it.

You know what I'm going to say, I'm sure. Every series of Mastermind has special interest for me. However this one even more than most, if such a thing were possible. For one thing I know just a few of the excellent quizzers who are taking part in this series, and that always adds a little something extra for me. Still, even if that were not the case we have the intriguing possibilities offered by the change in format for this season. Basically its what we saw in the Grand Final of Champion of Champions a couple of weeks ago - the normal two minutes of specialist questions, followed by a bumper two and a half minutes of general knowledge questions.

I won't lie to you, I have no special insight into why the changes have been made to the format. As you can understand Jon the Producer was exceptionally busy - well all the team were - when I saw him during the champ of champs series, so I didn't really get to discuss it with anyone. Perhaps the thinking behind it is that for many viewers the big thing is to answer along at home with the GK questions to see how many you can answer - I know that it always was with me. More GK questions, therefore, would mean more enjoyment for the viewer. Well, time will tell. It certainly produced a wonderful final of champ of champs. Its something I feel I'll be better able to comment on once we've seen it action a few more times.

Looking forward to it immensely.

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