Sunday, 1 August 2010

Gavin on Champion of Champions

I can only apologise that I failed to notice that a few days ago Gavin Fuller ( Mastermind Champion 1993 ) wrote a very interesting article about Champion of Champions, and his feelings about how it was different preparing for the series back in 1993 compared to preparing for the Champions series. It appeared in the Daily Telegraph, and you can find it online if you follow this link –
My Specialist Subject: how to win Mastermind by Gavin Fuller

For the uninitiated, Gavin was champion back in 1993, at the tender age of 24, the youngest ever champion. Don’t worry, he does not give away any clues as to what happened in the series.

I will be writing about the series myself in this very blog, but after this week I'm going to be away in Spain again, although this time we're only going for just over a week, so if I don't post anything for a week or so after next weekend, don't panic, and I'll be back , tanned and refreshed - or at least slightly less pale, and slightly more laid back.

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