Monday, 16 November 2009

Radio Listen - Brain of Britain

Brain of Britain First Round Heat 6/12

Today’s contestants were all from the North of England, and what a line up they were. In a series which has, IMHO, been notable for the high calibre of many of its contestants, this heat stood out for the fact that the three contestants I know of in today’s show are all great quizzers worthy of a place in the semis. I don’t actually know Mike Frazer from Bradford. However I do know Diane Hallagan, Nick Mills and Chris Quinn. That’s the kind of first round line up that nightmares are made of, that is, if you’re playing against them rather than listening to them.

Chris Quinn and Nick Mills led after the first round, with Mike Frazer on one and Diane Hallagan yet to score. Diane soon rectified this in the next round, and Nick pushed his score on too. Not as much as Chris Quinn. He scored a full five pointer and bonus, and forged a lead which was never again to really look much less than comfortable.

The reader’s questions were about a poem penned about himself by Clement Atlee, which the team , and me listening at work, all knew. However they failed to identify that when Ernest Bevin was told that Herbert Morrison was his own worst enemy, he replied, “Not while I’m breathing he isn’t . “

When Nick and Diane picked up ones and twos, Chris picked up threes and fours. When they picked up threes and fours, he picked up fives. The gap kept on growing, and at the end, Chris had amassed the considerable score of 21. Nick just shaded the runners up spot, with 12 compared to Diane’s 11. Unfortunately this is unlikely to bring him a semi final spot. Hard lines Nick, but I have to say that Chris is one of the most impressive winners I’ve heard this year.

The Details

Mike Frazer – 3
Diane Hallagan – 11
Nick Mills – 12
Chris Quinn - 21

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