Monday, 2 November 2009

Radio Listen - BoB

Brain of Britain First round - Heat 4/12

Today's contestants are all based in Scotland and the North of England. They were Richard Carney from Bradford, Bernard Fyles from St. Helens, Jane Ann Liston from St. Andrews, and Stephen Whitaker from Wirral. The three gentlemen I don't know, I'm afraid, but Jane Ann Liston has a broadcast quiz pedigree, having twice reached the semi finals of Mastermind, most recently in the 2007 SOBM.

Getting off to a good start in BoB isn't the be all and end all, but its always a good thing to do if you can. Fastest out of the blocks today were Bernard Fyles and Stephen Whitaker, who both had 3 points at the end of round one, to the other contestants' 0. In round two Jane Ann Liston came bounding back, scoring 4 , and Richard Carney too, scoring three. It looked as if it was going to be a close contest. Still, in Round three Bernard Fyles made a statement of intent, adding five more to his score to open up a 3 point lead over Stephen Whitaker by the listener's questions interval.

Round four provided only one more point for each contestant, and round 5 brought Jane Ann Liston one point closer to the lead. However that was as close as she or any of the other contestants were ever to get to Bernard Fyles. In round six he hit absolute top form to score five points and a bonus, together with another two bonus buzzes, to increase his score to 20, and his lead over Jane Ann Liston to 9 points. After the final round Bernard Fyles had scored 22 points , to Jane Ann Liston's 15. You have to say that 15 gives her a decent chance of taking one of 4 runner's up semi final spots. Good show again, and Mr. Fyles sounds like a serious and impressive competitor.

The Details

Richard Carney4
Bernard Fyles22
Jane Ann Liston15
Stephen Whitaker13

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