Friday, 20 February 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Kenneth Noye
Fred Talbot
Robert Brown
Captain Guy Disney
Samson Lee
Rohan Dennis
Lizabeth Scott
Paul Brunt
Pierre Le Guennec
Gerhardt Richter
Lord Fink
Brian Williams
Francesco Schettino
Steve Strange
Heather Cho

In Other news

Name the French tennis player who pulled off a chock defeat of Andy Murray in the Rotterdam quarter finals
Which Acting Knight announced his retirement from the stage last week?
Who won the BAFTA for best actor?
and best actress
and best film?
Which county council found a priceless early copy of Magna Carta in its archives?
Who won the European women’s skeleton bob title?
Which team won the African cup of Nations?
Rangers were knocked out of the Scottish FA Cup by which team?
What was the Five Nations score between Ireland and Italy?
and Scotland and France?
and England and Wales?
Which former cabinet minister was buried in an unmarked grave?
Which former winner of Sports Personality of the Year announced his intention to retire?
How many Grammys did Sam Smith win?
Which bank was accused of helping wealthy clients avoid paying tax?
Name the Aussie PM who withstood a leadership challenge from his own party?
Which manager was angered with discussion on Match of the Day which suggested he had been sacked and then reinstated?
Who managed to talked for a full minute on his Just A minute Debut?
The BBC changed the ending of which novel for their TV adaptation?
Which country will be competing for the first time as a guest in the Eurovision song contest?
The New Premier League deal with Sky TV is worth how much?
Who is rewriting “What Katy Did”?
What was the score between Liverpool and Spurs?
Who ruled himself out of the QPR manager vacancy?
What claim did Sam Allerdyce make about Man Utd which so upset Louis Van Gaal?
Which former world number 1 tennis player denied allegations of tax evasion?
Princess Anne, Laura Davies and Anneka Sorenstam were 3 of the first 7 what last week?
Who was sacked as manager of Aston Villa?
What is happening to the UK album chart in March?
Which Royal announced he is taking a 20% pay cut?
Which new badge have the Girl Guides just launched?
Which French club are seeking a partnership with Manchester City?
Who announced he is taking an indefinite break from the sport he used to dominate?
Which circuit will host the formula 1 British GP for the next two year while the Circuit of Wales is being built?
Which actress compared the Royal Family to aliens last week?

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Notorious convicted killer given parole hearing.
Former TV weatherman convicted of indecent assault on two boys.
Britain’s longest serving PC retired after 47 years on the beat.
First jockey to ride over fences in Britain with a prosthetic leg
Also pulled out of Wales v Scotland game through concussion
Australian cyclist who broke the world one hour record
Hollywood actress passed away
Soldier who was paid to provide stories about Prince Harry
On trial for keeping a hoard of Picassos in his garage
One of his paintings sold for £30 million which is a record for a living artist in Europe
Had a spat with Ed Milliband who made allegations about his tax arrangements
NBC News anchor suspended without pay for his misleading the public over his Iraq war experiences
Captain of the Costa Concordia jailed for 16 years
Leading figure of New Romantic movement – lead singer of Visage – passed away
Korean Airlines Air rage former vice president – jailed for a year

In Other news

Gilles Simon
Sir Michael Gambon
Eddie Redmayne
Julianne Moore
Lizzie Yarnold
Ivory Coast aet on penalties
Raith Rovers
26 – 3 – Ireland
15 – 8 France
21 – 16 England
Leon Brittan
AP McCoy
Tony Abbot
Nigel Pearson
David Tennant
The Casual Vacancy
£5.1 billion
Jacqueline Wilson
3 – 2 Liverpool
Tim Sherwood
That they are long ball ‘merchants’
Marat Safin
Honorary Women Members of the Royal And Ancient Golf Club
Paul Lambert
Streaming figures will count towards it
King Felipe VI of Spain
Gender Equality badge
St. Etienne
Tiger Woods

Dame Helen Mirren

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