Saturday, 7 February 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Major Oak
Sasha Pique Mebarak
Lotte Haas
Avengers Helicarrier
Prime Evil
Katie Swan
Howard Marks
New Horizons
Amjad Bashir
Elise Christie
Salman bin Abdulaziz
Holm of Huip
Alexis Tsipras
Libby Lane
Michael Van Praag
Gary Street
Andrew Barratt
H is for Hawk
Helen Macdonald
Haris Sohail
Joel Grey
Sayida al Rishawi
Marshawn Lynch
The Hard Problem
Alice Biggar
Colleen McCullough

In Other News

Who is the new head of the African Union?
Who declared that he will not be running for the US Presidency in 2016?
Which European country banned arms exports to Saudi Arabia
Which much publicised trial began in France?
Which team knocked Chelsea out of the FA Cup?
– and Man City?
– and Spurs?
Which driver won the Monte Carlo rally?
Which unusual new Easter Egg was it announced would be available in 2015?
A judge in a French court ruled that a couple would not be allowed to name their child after which foodstuff?
Which 68 year old European singer passed away?
Who apologised for using the phrase ‘coloured actors’ on a US talk show?
Who said that if he went back to 1995 he’d cheat all over again?
Lord Hall of the BBC said what will become obsolete?
Where is the 2018 European Football Youth Cup to be held?
Which Wales and British Lions great announced his international retirement last week?
Whose high profile trial for sex offences began last week?
Which English city suffered an earthquake of 2.9 on the Richter scale?
Which US Composer has been announced as writing the theme for the new Fantastic Four movie?
Name the Stone Roses front man who gave evidence against former TV weatherman Fred Talbot?
Which company secured rights to animate the Mr Men books series?
What was the result of the Liverpool v Chelsea Capital One cup semi final?
– and Spurs v. Sheffield United semi?
Who are the (English) FA officially backing in the FIFA presidency election?
Who had to apologise for comparing the effect of a Trident submarine base to those of Nazi death camps?
Scotland announced a moratorium on which practice?
Which company announced the largest ever annual profit, and what was the figure?
Which former Real Madrid player announced he will also stand against Sepp Blatter?
Who confirmed he will stand against Lord Coe in the election for IAAF president?
Which Radio station will only play music composed by women on International Women’s day?
Which prominent Brit was given one of the first of the revived Australian Knighthoods?
Politicians failed to elect a new president of which country?
Which famous actor quit Labour to join the SNP?
Whom did Andy Murray defeat in his Australian Open semi final?
Which two countries had to draw lots for a space in the African Cup of Nations quarter finals – and which was successful?


In the news

ESA probe missing on comet – search has been called off until May or June.
Sherwood Forest Tree which is English entry for the European Tree of the Year competition
Baby boy born to Shakira
Undersea photographer, passed away
New Lego set costing £230
Nickname of Eugene de Kock  - mastermind of South African apartheid death squads, to be freed after 20 years in jail.
British player aged 15 who reached the final of the girl’s Australian Open
Author of Mr. Nice – former drug dealer said he has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer
NASA probe that is about to photograph Pluto
UKIP defector to the Conservatives whom UKIP claimed was being investigated
New Overall European short track speed skating champion
Far Left political party that won the Greek General Election
New King of Saudi Arabia
Scottish island on sale for £350,000
New Prime Minister of Greece
Consecrated Bishop of Stockport
Head of Dutch FA who will challenge Sepp Blatter for FIFA Presidency
England Women’s rugby union coach who left by mutual consent
Postman convicted of stealing parcels and selling them on ebay worth £15000
Winner of Costa Book of the Year
Author who wrote it
Pakistan cricketer who claimed he saw a ghost in his New Zealand hotel room
Actor, 82, father of Jennifer Grey – came out as gay last week
ISIS terrorist Jordan said that it may well free
Seattle Seahawks running back who said “I am just here so I won’t get fined” 29 times in answer to questions at a press conference in the lead up to the Superbowl
Tom Stoppard’s first play for 9 years – panned by critics
Diplodocus skeleton being removed from main entrance hall of Natural History Museum in London.
Made the news for setting herself the challenge of spending less than £1 on food per day for a month
Author of the Thorn Birds – passed away

In Other News

Robert Mugabe
Mitt Romney
The Bettancourt (L’Oreal heiress) trial
Bradford City
Leicester City
Sebastien Ogier
Demis Roussos
Benedict Cumberbatch
Lance Armstrong
The 9 pm watershed
The Midlands
Adam Jones
Gary Glitter
Philip Glass
Ian Brown
1 – 0 Chelsea (2 – 1 aggregate)
2 – 2 Spurs win 3 -2 on aggregate
Prince Ali bin Al Hussein
Lord Wigley
Apple - £12 billion
Luis Figo
Sergei Bubka
Radio 3
The Duke of Edinburgh
Brian Cox
Thomas Berdych
Guinea and Mali – Guinea went through

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