Friday, 27 February 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Michello Ferrero
Binky Felstead
Salutation Inn, Ham
Pascal Papé
Andy Goode
Seamus Daly
George Ferguson
Andy Vernon
Lysblink Seaways
Finn Russell
Oliver Sacks
The Magic Whip
Richelieu – Drouot
What Pet Should I get?

In Other News

Which much criticized statement did Ed Balls make last week?
What is Boris Johnson set to renounce?
Ex King Juan Carlos of Spain appealed against a paternity suit launched in which country?
Which European country elected its first woman president last week?
Which team did Bradford City knock out of the FA Cup?
What was the score in the 6 Nations match between Scotland and Wales?
– and England and Italy?
– and Ireland and France?
Who became the oldest player ever to score in the 6 Nations?
Which country did Ireland defeat in the cricket world cup?
The Vatican are offering to provide what for homeless people?
Who is the new manager of Aston Villa?
How many Brits made it onto the shortlist of 100 for the Mars mission?
University of Portsmouth researchers discovered that which natural substance is even stronger than spider silk?
Name the Tesco supplier of spices which they have recalled due to finding they have been adulterated with nuts
Which actor supposedly fluffed a line which revealed Lucy Beale’s killer during the live broadcast
Champions League – what was the score between Chelsea and PSG?
Who is the European 2016 Ryder Cup Skipper?
– and the US skipper?
Which birds are tweeting all night because of city light pollution?
2015 is the Chinese Year of the what?
Which band won best band at the NME awards?
Louis Van Gaal was formally warned by the FA over his comments after Man Utd’s draw with which team?
Swiss prosecutors raided the Geneva HQ of which bank?
What links Colossus – world wide web fibre optics – cats eyes – stainless steel – carbon fibre – DNA sequencing – the I limb?
Who appealed for the return of her 2016 Commonwealth Games gold medal which was stolen?
Who knocked holder Ronnie O’Sullivan out of the welsh open?
Which confectionary product will become the first to use solely Fairtrade cocoa?
What type of Russian bombers were monitored just outside UK airspace?
Who killed Lucy Beale?
What was the Europa League score between Everton and Young Boys?
– and Liverpool and Besiktas?
– and Spurs and Fiorentina?
– and Celtic and Internazionale?


The World’s richest confectioner, who passed away
Made in Chelsea star, who took £3k to promote Barnardos on social media, but has paid it back
Won Pub of the Year
French rugby player cited and banned for 10 matches
Wasps stalwart, leaving to join London Irish
To stand trial for Omagh bombing
Mayor who campaigned for 20mph speed limits in Bristol, caught speeding
Team mate and fellow European championship medalist with whom Mo Farah had a Twitter spat last week
Cargo ship that ran aground on Ardnamuchan Point
Scotland fly half cited and banned for two matches
Neurologist who announced he has terminal cancer
New Blur album due to be released in the summer
Station at which Chelsea fans prevented a black man from entering their carriage on a Metro train, singing racist chants.
Newly discovered Dr. Seuss book to be published

In Other News

People should keep receipts for cash in hand jobs
His US citizenship
26 – 23 Wales
47 – 17 England
18 – 11 Ireland
Nick Easter
West Indies
A free shave and shower
Tim Sherwood
Limpet Teeth
Santa Maria
Jake Wood
1 – 1
Darren Clarke
Davis Love III
Sheep – (sometimes called Ram or Goat)
All feature on a new set of Postage Stamps
Kelly Sotherton
Matt Stevens
Mars bar
Bobby Beale
4 – 1 Everton
1 – 0 Liverpool
1 – 1

3 - 3

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