Saturday, 14 February 2015

Answers to News Questions

In the News

Who or what are the Following and why have they been in the news?

Imran Khawaja
Jimmy Salmon
Nafea Faa Ipoipo
Peter Greste
Millenium Square
Fitzwilliam Museum
Lydia Ko
Jerome Wright
Dr. Kate Granger
Bowood Lamb Abattoir
Carl Djerassi
Ben Stokes
Tom Brady
Jerome Champagne
Go Set A Watchman
Kelly Smith
Dr. Dhanusan Dharmasena
Justice Lowell Goddard
Sir William Nyes
Bryan Henderson
Hitler’s Walk
Charlie Sifford
Dr. Vivek Murthy

In Other News

Which country has been fined for not hosting this year’s African Cup Of Nations following fears over ebola?
What was the score in the 6 Nations between England and Wales?
How many teachers have written to Nicky Morgan complaining about workload?
Which formula 1 team were refused permission to compete in 2015 with a 2014 car
Which prominent conservative announced that he is stepping down at the 2015 election?
Which Miss Marple actress passed away?
Which 4 things were gathered in the same place for the first time?
Who won the Men’s singles in the Australian Open?
What was the result in the Superbowl?
What mistake on a guidebook to Dorchester made the news last week?
Who won the Australian Open mixed doubles?
A London Double decker bus came a cropper in Holborn last week. How?
Who will be the voice of the Speaking Clock for Comic Relief?
Juan Cuadrado joined which team?
Who was accused of letting his girlfriend take the blame for a car accident he caused?
What can be found in one special French Monopoly 80th anniversary set?
In which US City has the first marijuana vending machine been installed?
Which country has announced it will hold a competition to design a new national flag which does not incorporate the Union Flag?
Which Premier League Manager quit last week?
Which English city will host the 2019 Netball world cup?
What was the FA Cup score between Man Utd and Cambridge?
Which title did Carl Froch vacate last week?
Which sporting event will be shown by Sky from 2017?
What will British ebola workers receive?
Which council did Eric Pickles find as being not fit for purpose?
The Welsh Assembly Government have pledged to follow Scotland’s lead in blocking what?
Who split with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton last week?
Who is fighting the decision to retire him as a top class umpire at 65?
Which company were accused of promoting tax avoidance on an industrial scale?
Who was found guilty of historical sex abuse?
Which two countries contest the African Cup of Nations Final?

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

British jihadi – faked death in Syria, tried to sneak back into Britain – jailed 12 years
Former children’s doctor convicted of sexually assaulting young girls at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the 1970s
Title of Gauguin painting which became the world’s most expensive, selling at auction for $300 million
Australian Journalist freed from prison in Egypt
Bristol square which has become Britain’s first smoke free square
Found to have what may be a pair of lost Michelangelo bronzes
17 year old New Zealander who has become the youngest ever women’s world no 1 in golf
Freed in the USA after 20 years on Death Row
Terminally ill doctor whose campaign for NHS workers to introduce themselves in a friendly way to patients has been officially adopted
Criticised for staff mistreatment of animals
He patented the synthetic hormone in the contraceptive pill – passed away
Hit 15 sixes in the England Lions game v. S. Africa A
Won his 4th Superbowl
Pulled out of FIFA presidency elections
Long lost prequel to To Kill A Mockingbird – to be published
England Ladies Footballer announced her retirement
Acquitted in court of Female Genital Mutilation
New Zealand judge appointed to head up delayed sex abuse enquiry
Prince Charles’ top aide who hit back at claims in Catherine Mayer’s biography of the Prince
So called Grammar Crusader who made 47,000 edits to Wikipedia
Rory McIlroy’s former management firm with whom he settled out of court for an alleged £20 million
Reinstated name of street in Mevagissey, Cornwall, which has caused outrage
First black member of the USPGA, passed away
US surgeon general  - says marijuana had some medicinal benefits.
In Other news

Wales 16 – England 21
Francis Maude
Geraldine McEwan
The 4 copies of Magna Carta
Djokovic beat Murray in 4 sets
Patriots 28 – Seahawks 24
The cover had an illustration which showed Dorset as being by the Sea
Martina Hingis
A hanging branch sliced off its roof
Sir Ian McKellern
Lance Armstrong
Harry Redknapp
3 – 0 Man Utd
IBF Super Middleweight
British Open Golf
A news medal
Nicole Sherzinger
Peter Willey
PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper)
Gary Glitter

Ghana v. Ivory Coast

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