Saturday, 31 January 2015

Answers to News Questions

In The News

Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

Leo Varadkar
Gladys Hooper
Lindsey Vonn
A P de Villiers
Robert Allenby
Maggi Alphonsi
Dr. Dhanusan Dharmasena
Chris Bryant
Kenny McDowall
Rebecca Wooller and Blake Greene
Victorino Chua
Lorraine Etherington
Tony Verna
Katie Summerhayes
John Bayley
Hoegh Osaka
The Mirror and the Light
Nicole from Bournemouth
Pauline Yates
Geert Lainders

In Other News

Where did Pope Francis preach to 6 million last week?
Who left Big Brother without being ordered out or voted out?
Transport chaos was caused in Kent by what last week?
What was the score between Man City and Arsenal
Who threw away a 10 stroke lead in the golf in Dubai in his last round?
Which error was noted on the £2 Magna Carta coin?
Which member of the cast of Coronation Street passed away aged 60?
British Gas were criticised for only reducing their prices by what %?
Which Australian cricketer was fined half of his match fee for telling Rohit Sharma to speak English?
Which two teams will contest this year’s Superbowl?
Which politician walked out of an interview with Dermot Murnaghan?
Which political party’s poster gave an incorrect phone number, which actually belonged to a woman in Wolverhampton who started to receive constant hate phone calls?
IN which country are the Houthi rebel group?
Who will be presiding over the Grand Jury in the Cannes film festival this year?
Frankie’s Fish and Chip shop in Brae was awarded the title of UK’s best Fish and Chip shop. It holds which other distinction?
What didn’t actually come to an end in a newspaper on Friday 16th?
Who lost a court battle with his father in law last week?
What was the score in the Liverpool v Chelsea Capital One Cup semi final?
Which actor passed out playing King Lear on stage, but came back to finish the performance after telling the audience that he had a slight fibrillation?
What will not be published until after the General Election?
What issue regarding cigarettes is to be voted on?
What was the score in the Spurs v. Sheffield United Capital One Cup semi final first leg?
Which golfer saved a drowning man in Barbados?
What was given a ticket by an over zealous traffic warden in Carmarthen?
The New England Patriots are under investigation for what?
Which former cabinet minister died aged 75?
Who publically denied charges made against him in connection with a court case in the USA?
Who had his appearance at the caravan and camping and motorhome show cancelled after what he said about caravans on Room 101?
What is to close in the House of Commons?
What did the Cairo Museum admit last week?
Which England cricketer was the subject of a blackmail attempt ?
Castrol – Johnson and Johnson and Continental all announced they are cutting their ties with what?


Who or what are the following and why have they been in the news?

1st republic of Ireland government minister to come out as gay
UKs oldest person who celebrated her 112th birthday
Equalled Anne Marie Moser-Proll’s record for World Cup Ski wins – 62
Struck a world record 31 ball ODI century against the West Indies
Aussie golfer kidnapped and mugged in Hawaii
England world cup rugby winner, retired to concentrate on shot put
1st person to stand trial in the UK for Female genital mutilation
Labour MP labelled as a ‘classist wazzock’ by James Blunt
Resigned as Rangers caretaker manager
The couple who will marry in Morrison’s in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire
Nurse accused of poisoning patients at Stepping Hill Hospital
Broke her engagement to prisoner Charles Bronson
Inventor of the TV Instant Replay – passed away
German anti-Islamic group who staged mass protests
1st British woman to win a medal int eh world freestyle ski and snowboard championship
Widower of Iris Murdoch, passed away aged 89
Ship towed into Southampton 19 days after running aground
Title of concluding novel in Hilary Mantel’s trilogy about Thomas Cromwell
Topless model on the revived page 3 of the Sun
Actress who played Reggie Perrin’s wife – passed away
Former Team Sky doctor – banned for life for doping.

In Other News

Alexander O’Neal
Problems with Eurostar
2 – 0 Arsenal
Martin Kaymer
John has a quill pen, when he would have used a seal to sign it
Anne Kirkbride
David Warner
New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks
Chuka Umunna
Coen Brothers
Most northerly in UK – in Shetland
Supposedly the last time a topless model featured on Page 3 – but it wasn’t
Gordon Ramsay
Liverpool 1 – Chelsea -1
Brian Blessed
Chilcott Enquiry Report
Plain packets for England
Spurs 1 – Sheff Utd. 1
Lee Westwood
A wheelie bin
The New England Patriots have been accused of using under inflated balls
Leon Brittan
The Duke of York
Ray Mears
The House of Commons shooting range
That the beard of Tutankhamen’s gold death mask had been broken off, then stuck back on with an inappropriate epoxy resin
Eoin Morgan


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