Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 New Years Quiz Resolutions

New Year’s Quiz Resolutions.

First let’s have a look at last year’s resolutions: -

I resolve to try to show more sportsmanship when John and I are beaten in Sunday evening quizzes.
I’m quite proud of myself on this one. There’s been a number of occasions when John and I have just sat there watching teams blatantly using their phones, and kept shtum, and not winged about it afterwards. The great shame of this is that on one Sunday night quiz it has brought us no credit whatsoever, and we’ve been told they still would rather see the back of us than the cheating teams. Such is life.

I resolve to keep vigilance against phone cheating in the quiz in Aberavon Rugby Club.
I think we can give ourselves a big pat on the back for keeping the phones out of the club again last year.

I resolve to try to remember that not everyone takes their quizzing as seriously as I do, and to try to avoid making unhelpful comments at the quiz in the club.
I think that this one will have to be what is euphemistically known as a ‘carry over’. If it makes things any better I do sometimes cringe when I get home and I think about some of the things I’ve said in the heat of the moment.

I resolve to apply to another TV quiz show if I see one I like the look or the sound of 
Well, the way things worked out I was on three shows in 10 days. As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, being on Gogglebox was never part of the Master plan, but there we are, no point whinging about it.  
I resolve to try to attend the annual Mastermind Club event
I’m afraid that for one reason or another this just didn’t happen. Still, I am glad that I’ve maintained some links by writing a few articles for the club magazine Pass.

I resolve to try my hardest not to irritate members of other teams in the Bridgend League, and if the consensus is that it would be for the good of the league, to bow out at the AGM with good grace and no hard feelings. 
Well, I attended the AGM, and this whole question wasn’t raised, so I left it there.

I resolve to keep working at my quizzing when time permits
I can’t say that I spent a huge amount of time specifically working for quizzes, but when you consider the time I spend on the blog it’s hardly surprising. Don’t thank me, it’s a labour of love that I’d be undertaking whether anybody read it or not.  

So how about 2015, then?

·         I resolve to try to bite my tongue, not take the Bridgend League matches quite so seriously, to give other teams the benefit of the doubt where applicable, and not to upset members of my own or other teams with unhelpful comments.

The current season began in October, and in the very first match I upset one of our team members with an unhelfpful comment. Then in our 3rd match, we had the written question (written questions are given to both teams) – name the Irish rider who won the yellow jersey in the 1987 Tour de France. The other team wrote ‘Sean Roche’ – which I refused to give them a point for. Now, strictly speaking, I had right on my side. The ruling is that if you just put the surname down, as long as the first name has not been specifically asked for, then that’s good enough. However if you choose to put down the christian name and get it wrong, then the whole answer is wrong. Now, I suppose my thinking was that maybe they were thinking of SEAN Kelly, the other great Irish cyclist of the mid 80s, multiple winner of the Green jersey. As I say, right was on my side, but it upset one member of the opposition team, and although I couldn’t know it at the time, it would have made no difference to the overall outcome of the match.

·         I resolve to keep applying to quiz shows that I like the look or sound of, regardless as to whether I think I have a cat in hell’s chance of getting an audition or not

That’s self explanatory. A couple of carry overs now: -

·         I resolve to try to remember that not everyone takes their quizzing as seriously as I do, and to try to avoid making unhelpful comments at the quiz in the club.
·         I resolve to keep working at my quizzing when time permits
·         I resolve to try to find time to attend at least one Mastermind Club Event this year.

Of course, the final resolution is the same as always : - 

 I resolve above all else to enjoy my quizzing throughout the next year as much as I have enjoyed it this year.

I hope that you all manage to do the same. Best wishes, thanks for your support throughout last year, and a belated Happy New Year to you all. 

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